Newsletter | May 9, 2022

05.09.22 -- Test & Measurement Insights For Materials Processing, Microscopy, High-Speed Imaging, And More

Spotlight On Test & Measurement
When Is Smooth Too Rough?

Understanding surface roughness as it relates to a machined part, polished item, or manufactured part is crucial in determining how a part will perform, wear, appear, or function. One tool that can be used with high confidence is a 3D non-contact optical profiler such as the ZYGO Nexview, NewView, or ZeGage.

Extreme Metrology: Big Science Requires A Nano-Perspective

Extreme metrology applications involve more than enough unknown variables. Instrumentation whose performance has been proven should not be one of them.

Optimizing High-Speed Machine Vision With Frame Grabbers

This case study explores the critical role of frame grabbers and effective image stitching in the high-speed machine vision ecosystem.

Quantitative CMOS Technology Enabled By Photon Number Resolving

This white paper explains the different approaches, properties, and shortcomings of a photon number resolving camera based on semiconductor technology.

Industry Insights
Understanding The Problem Of Ultrafast Dispersion

While the effect of dispersion is minimal for many types of laser systems, it is especially problematic in ultrafast laser applications. Ultrafast lasers are characterized by short pulse durations on the order of picoseconds, femtoseconds, or attoseconds.

Multi-Axis Stages: Why Custom Aligned, Tuned, Error-Corrected XYZ Assemblies Are Better

PI is one of the world leaders in the design and integration of precision positioning stages and motion systems for demanding motion control applications. With many choices — from economical linear stages to high-end air bearing tables and multi-axis gantries — we can offer solutions for industry, OEMs, and research facilities of all scales.

Saving The Lens For Last? Try Concurrent Engineering Instead

Designers have been known to “save the lens for last” when creating vision systems with very specific black box dimensions and lighting, resolution, and pixel specifications. One solution to this dilemma is a new and improved design approach called concurrent engineering. 

Revolutionizing The Air We Breathe

Laser Components dives into a case study performed at the Pensacola Yacht Club, addressing the moisture issues the club faced as a result of the humid climate and shallow water tables. Data collection based in UVC LED technology was used for dehumidification. 

Recent News
Featured Multimedia
Video: See The Unseen With Ophir Optics

Ophir IR optics products include highly advanced electro-optical solutions that can be found in the most critical defense and commercial thermal imaging applications. When reliability is the name of the game, Ophir is your trusted partner.

Bulletin Board
Laser Beam Profilers Catalog

Ophir Photonics offers a wide range of beam profiler choices including CCD and CMOS cameras, scanning slit sensors, InGaAs and pyroelectric cameras, and pinhole and knife edge sensors. The Laser Beam Profilers Catalog provides more information on the different Ophir beam profilers, what accessories and software come with each one, and how to make the best profiler choice for your application.

Featured Solutions
Range And Scientific MWIR Camera: RS6780

The FLIR RS6780 offers advanced detector, triggering, and synchronization capabilities in an environmentally protected package, making it easy to configure and integrate for successful data acquisition in the most demanding R&D applications. 

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Teledyne FLIR
High-Speed InGaAs PIN Photodiodes

The FD80 Series from Fermionics Opto-Technology are high-speed, low-dark-current, low-capacitance photodiodes. The innovative InGaAs product line is designed specifically for use in extremely tight spaces, such as high-speed communication systems.

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Fermionics Opto-Technology
High-Temperature Infrared Emitter With Narrow Angle Of Emission: OD-110LISOLHT

Opto Diode introduces the OD-110LISOLHT as a high-power GaAlAs infrared light-emitting diode (IRLED) illuminator. This device features a narrow angle of emission and a wide temperature rating for use in several industrial and defense/military applications, such as exterior covert lighting on an aircraft.

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Opto Diode, An ITW Company
Thin And Ultra-Thin Glass Fabrication And Coating

Abrisa Technologies offers ultra-thin (≤0.4mm) technology glass for next-generation devices needing miniaturization, slim formats, flexible glass, lightweight components, and/or bio or chemical compatibility. 

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Abrisa Technologies
World’s Smartest Palm Spectrometer: Breeze

BaySpec introduces Breeze, the world’s smartest palm spectrometer for 400 to 2,500 nm with a simple one-button operation. Featuring proprietary miniaturized optics, Breeze is highly efficient for maximum sensitivity with ultrafast acquisition. 

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BaySpec Inc.