Test, Measurement And Support Services

Source: Deposition Sciences, Inc. (DSI)
Test, Measurement

DSI offers its expertise on high quality testing capabilities for many types of resources such as in-house produced materials, as well as independent verification of external coated and uncoated samples for vendor/supplier surveillance, process analysis, and qualification testing. Each quality system is ISO 9001:2008 certified and ITAR registered and compliant. Environmental testing is also available and is performed in accordance with military specifications.

DSI is also able to support government and aerospace contracts through its infrastructure. Their experience and expertise enable efficient management of subcontracts and navigation of government reporting requirements.

Spectral Measurement Capabilities:

  • Spectral Range 0.190 – 50 microns
  • Reflectance and Transmittance (near normal to 45 degrees)
  • Cryogenic Measurements (ambient to < 10 kelvin)
  • Polarized Measurements (S&P)
  • Hemispherical Transmittance and Reflectance (0.2 – 2.5 microns)

Physical Measurement Capabilities:

  • Flatness/Reflected Wavefront Error (capable of ± 0.05 waves, peak to valley @ 632.8 nm on up to 4″ diameter samples)
  • Surface Quality Characterization (scratch/dig, scatter, BRDF)
  • Surface Resistivity (0 – 1 Mega Ohm/sq)
  • Dimensional verification (± 0.5 microns)

Support Capabilities:

  • DoD Accredited Facility
  • Familiarity with Government Required Program Management Activities (e.g. SDRL reporting)
  • ITAR Registered and Compliant
  • GFE/GFM Traceability System

For more information on DSI’s test and measurement capabilities and infrastructure support, visit the website.