News | March 10, 2016

Syracuse University's Department Of Physics Goes High-Speed

Source: Vision Research, Inc.

The Department of Physics at Syracuse University recently purchased a Phantom Miro LAB340 digital high-speed camera from Vision Research. The camera will be used investigate the dynamics of liquid flows at surfaces, and their interactions with soft deformable filaments and sheets. These motions can be extremely fast, and are driven by the surface tension that holds droplets together. The team will be led by Joseph Paulsen, assistant professor of physics in Syracuse University’s College of Arts and Sciences.

The design of the Phantom Miro LAB340 and how it was specifically engineered for laboratory and office settings made it the ideal choice for the planned experiments. Moreover, the high-resolution 4Mpx sensor and maximum frame rate will yield tremendous image quality at the microscopic level that the tests will be taking place.


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