Newsletter | April 7, 2021

04.07.21 -- SWIR Cameras + Driver Vision Enhancement | Non-Contact Component Testing

Featured Editorial
Driver Vision Enhancement (DVE) With SWIR Cameras

There are many current DVE systems that use passive thermal imaging systems that enhance a driver’s viewing capabilities while operating in darkness, fog, smoke, dust, etc. SWIR has emerged as a technology that meets the current needs of DVE. 

Product Focus
IR Lightweight Zoom Lenses: 680389, 680314, 680386

Ophir's family of LightIR lenses are compact yet offer high-performing features. While optimized for stabilized payloads, the 680389, 680314, and 680386 products are also suitable for a wide range of applications.

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Ophir Optics Group
Industry Insights
Understanding Detectors With Thermoelectric Coolers

In order to optimize a detector for enhanced performance levels within its designated applications, it is important to understand the heatsinking of the package. A detector’s thermal resistance is minimized by the proper heat sink selection and mounting by using a thermal interface material.

Electronic Component Testing: A Non-Contact Sport

The smaller and more powerful an electronic device becomes, the more damage can be caused from its inherent heat. Designers are continuously looking for ways to keep components cool while maintaining the quality and integrity of performance.

Optical Filters – Color Temperature Orange (CTO) And Color Temperature Blue (CTB)

The class of optical filters used to change the correlated color temperature of a light source is called Color Temperature filters. This article discusses the use of Color Temperature Orange (CTO) and Color Temperature Blue (CTB) filters in particular.

Aerial Hyperspectral Imaging: OCI Hyperspectral Imagers

BaySpec’s OCI-UAV hyperspectral imagers are designed for use on small UAVs to monitor the details of spatial, temporal, and spectral representation of ground objects. This app note discusses benefits these imagers offer and delivers example images for multiple topography analysis.

High-Pulse Laser Rotary Encoders: Positional Angle Mastery In A Tiny Package

The use of high-pulse optical-digital laser rotary encoders benefits applications where sensing or controlling the rotation and position of a mechanical system with high accuracy and exceptional resolution is required.

Application Of ND filters In LCD And CRT Panels For Aviation

This article discusses how to improve the visibility of displays in the cockpit during daytime with ND filters.

Recent News
Featured Multimedia
A Virtual Tour At The Ophir Laser Optics Jerusalem Production Site

Join us for a virtual tour at our Jerusalem production site to learn how we provide a one-stop-shop solution, from design to manufacture, assembly, and QA, for optical components and assemblies for high-power laser applications.

Featured Solutions
Compact MWIR HD Thermal Camera: FLIR A8580

FLIR offers the FLIR A8580 high-definition thermal camera designed with best-in-class imagery for industrial, military, and manufacturing R&D applications. The MWIR camera includes a 1.3 MP detector that captures beautiful, crisp images, and a four-position warm filter wheel that permits the measurement of temperatures up to 3,000°C.

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FLIR Systems, Inc - Research & Science
Optical Filter Solutions For Datacom Applications

Iridian Spectral designs and manufactures optical filter solutions for long haul and metro access fiber-optic telecom customers. Iridian also applies the same proven thin film filter technology to address the growing needs for datacom optical filtering providing wavelength selectivity to DCI devices such as transceivers and tunable laser assemblies (TLA).

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Iridian Spectral Technologies
SPM-M Kit For Scanning Probe Microscopy

The SPM-M kit is a do-it-yourself atomic force microscope (AFM). The SPM-M kit produces a high-performance, resonant probe AFM suitable for both research and teaching environments. It includes the MadPLL controller, three axes of closed-loop nanopositioning, resonant probes, and AFMView2 software. A wide range of AFM accessories are also available.

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Mad City Labs, Inc.