Surface Mount Photodiode with Daylight Filter: ODD-900-001

Source: Opto Diode, An ITW Company

Surface Mount Photodiode with Daylight Filter Image

This surface-mount photodiode features a daylight filter, low capacitance, a short switching time, and a surface mount package, making it ideal for applications involving industrial photoelectric control. It also features high sensitivity ranging from 730 nm to 1100 nm spectral range, with peak sensitivity at 940 nm.

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Opto Diode, a division of ITW and a member of the ITW Photonics Group, introduces the ODD-900-001 Surface Mount Photodiode with a daylight filter. Because of its highly durable design, this photodiode is suited for many industrial detection applications.

ODD-900-001 Surface Mount Photodiode Features:

  • Low capacitance
  • Short switching time
  • High sensitivity from 730nm to 1100nm (peak at 940nm)
  • At 25 Degrees C
    • 0.44 A/W responsivity (typical)
    • 5 nA reverse dark current (typical)
    • Total capacitance at 25 pF
    • Typical rise/fall times of 50/50 nSecs.
  • Operating temperature range of -25 C degrees to +85 degrees C
  • Storage temperature range between -40 degrees C and +85 degrees C
  • Power dissipation of 150 mW at or below 25 degrees C

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