News | November 11, 2014

Stand-Alone HDR-CMOS Cameras With Internal Data Evaluation

Source: First Sensor AG

Blue Raven line

First Sensor presents the new digital megapixel cameras of the Blue Raven line. The stand-alone HDR CMOS cameras feature a powerful digital signal processor (DSP) and internal memory which enables the processing and evaluation of the images inside the device through complex software algorithms. Possible methods include lens distortion correction, digital pan–tilt–zoom (ePTZ), privat zones, motion tracking, dual stream and the fusion of the images with other sensor signals such as radar. Further, it is possible not to forward the images themselves but only the obtained information from their evaluation in order to reduce the amount of transferred data. A digital Ethernet interface allows custom specific programming of the Blue Raven cameras.

With its very light sensitive HDR-CMOS image sensor and high dynamic range >120 dB the Blue Raven cameras are ideal for high brightness differences and low light conditions. The cameras are robust against mechanical shocks, vibrations and temperature changes. Additionally, the housings are protected against ingress of water and dust. All of First Sensor’s OEM cameras are subject to the quality management standard for the automotive industry ISO/TS 16949.

Important features of the new Blue Raven camera line:

  • Digital signal processor (DSP) and internal memory
  • Lens distortion correction, ePTZ, privat zones, motion tracking, dual stream, sensor fusion
  • Internal data evaluation
  • Robust against mechanical shocks, vibrations and temperature changes

Typical applications of First Sensor’s stand-alone HDR-CMOS cameras include mobile vehicles such as heavy trucks, agricultural equipment, mining machines and public transport vehicles as well as stationary surveillance of industrial plants.

About First Sensor
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SOURCE: First Sensor AG