Newsletter | October 14, 2019

10.14.19 -- Spotlight On Scientific CMOS (sCMOS)

Spotlight On Scientific CMOS (sCMOS)
Choosing High-Speed Cameras For Aerospace Testing
Article | By Tim Callenbach, Photron, Inc.

For years high-speed imaging has provided engineers with detailed analysis of projective tracking, missile launches, combustion testing, engine testing, fuselage testing, component testing, materials testing, flow visualization, and more. 

Understanding Intensified sCMOS Imaging
White Paper | PCO-TECH Inc.

This white paper investigates the challenges that necessitate the application of image intensification technologies and covers a variety of methods, including the next generation of intensified imaging.

Introduction To Sony Pregius Global Shutter CMOS: High-Speed CMOS Sensor With Distortion-Free Global Shutter Technology
White Paper | FLIR Systems, Inc - OEM Cores and Components

Sony's Pregius global shutter CMOS technology truly fulfills its promise: crisp, clear, distortion-free images at high speeds. Pregius offers significant performance gains and, with its newly announced third generation, additional on-sensor features.

Expand UAV Capabilities With Low-Power, Ultra-High-Resolution CMOS Sensors
Application Note | Canon USA Imaging Solutions Group

CMOS sensors from Canon have been engineered to meet the demanding requirements needed for optimal UAV performance, empowering OEMs to develop market-leading UAV solutions.

Keeping You Safe In The ‘Pool’ Of Manufacturing
Article | By Annie Cashman, Protolabs, Inc.

Protolabs provides medical device and medtech companies with a dramatically reduced level of risk. Working with us directly, you know the ability of everyone in our “pool,” so you don’t have to white-knuckle it, wondering where and how your parts are being produced. 

What To Consider When Selecting A Neutral Density Filter
Article | By Lynn Brown, HOYA Corporation USA Optics Division

Neutral density filters are important components in imaging and light measurement applications, so it's useful to know how to select the right filters to meet your needs.

Finding Resolution In A Distant Image
Article | By Koen Jacobs, FLIR Systems, Inc - Research & Science

IR cameras on the military test range often need to focus on far-away objects. Despite common misperceptions, zoom lenses work in IR cameras, but understanding spatial resolution is key. 

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