Newsletter | August 19, 2019

08.19.19 -- Spotlight On Microscopy | SWIR Cams For High-Temp Manufacturing, R&D

Featured Article
Shortwave Infrared Cameras For High-Temperature Manufacturing And R&D Processes
By Jerry Beeney, FLIR Systems

Shortwave infrared (SWIR) cameras are ideal for high-temperature processes due to high sensitivity to shorter IR wavelengths between visible light and 3 µm and their new temperature measurement capabilities.

Spotlight On Microscopy
Microscopy Illumination
Product | SCHOTT North America, Inc. - Lighting and Imaging

Stereo microscopes are used for life science, material science, and clinical routine industrial inspection tasks. The better the object is illuminated, the more details become visible in microscopy.

DNA-PAINT: A Super-Resolution Microscopy Technique
White Paper | By Alexander Auer and Ralf Jungmann, PCO-TECH Inc.

The recently introduced super-resolution method DNA-PAINT is based on transient DNA-DNA interactions. This white paper discusses the DNA-PAINT microscopy technique and how sCMOS cameras are well-suited for these kinds of measurements.

Optical Micromirrors Reveal The Secrets Of Cell Membranes
Article | Mad City Labs, Inc.

Progress in understanding the lipid bilayer — a two-molecule thick oily barrier that protects all living cells — has been dramatic over the past 100 years. But puzzles remain to be solved, such as how these membrane proteins navigate the oily lipid bilayer to go about their work. 

Carbon Nanotubes: Applications And Luminescence-Based Imaging With SWIR Cameras
White Paper | By Raf Vandersmissen, Xenics

This white paper covers the use and benefits of SWNTs in a wide range of applications. Examples are offered on how cooled scientific SWIR InGaAs cameras are used to enable innovative technologies for luminescence-based imaging of nanotubes.

Strategic Prototyping For Human-Factors Engineering
Article | By Andrew DiMeo, Trig

Human-factors engineering (HFE) is gaining increasing attention, especially in the context of medical device product development. As technologies evolve, therapies advance, and devices become more complex, so does the role of HFE increase in priority.

3D Machine Vision: One Small Step For Robots, A Giant Leap For Factory Automation
Article | By Naomi Shisaike, Canon USA, Inc. Optoelectronic Components

3D machine vision systems “see,” analyze, and make decisions to meet production requirements of high accuracy, speed, and low maintenance while also being durable enough to withstand factory conditions.

New Technology Makes Aerial Hyperspectral Imaging More Effective, Less Expensive
Article | BaySpec Inc.

Aerial hyperspectral imaging is an important tool with many applications, but has been cumbersome and expensive to use. New technology changes all that.

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