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08.14.19 -- Spotlight On LIDAR/LADAR

Spotlight On LIDAR/LADAR
On The Road To Self-Driving Cars
White Paper | Laser Components USA, Inc.

Vehicle-environment sensor technology will play a major role in the next step of autonomous vehicle technology. This article offers in-depth information on the many types of sensor technologies used in self-driving cars and where they are headed in the future.

FREE FLIR Thermal Dataset For Algorithm Training
Application Note | FLIR Systems, Inc - OEM Cores and Components

The FLIR starter thermal dataset enables developers to start training convolutional neural networks (CNN), empowering the automotive community to create the next generation of safer and more efficient ADAS and driverless vehicle systems using cost-effective thermal cameras from FLIR.

LIDAR Guns, Accuracy, And Speeding Tickets
Application Note | By Dan Ford, Ophir Photonics

A Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) system uses a 130 μW 904 nm beam produced by three light emitting diodes (LEDs), and a telescope working together in order to calculate how long it takes for the beam to leave the device and return to the telescope. 

LiDAR And Optical Filters – Helping Autonomous Vehicles See More Clearly
Article | Iridian Spectral Technologies

The evolution of sensing and imaging systems, combined with the desire to create safer, more efficient transportation systems, is driving the development of autonomous vehicles. LiDAR is a key technology that will eventually help carry this growth through to “Level 5” autonomy.

Abrisa Technologies Total Solutions
Brochure | Abrisa Technologies

Abrisa Technologies offers a large variety of ready-to-install enhancement glass solutions for display, scanner, and sensor applications. These total solutions cover a range of product capabilities, are voice-of-customer driven, tested to standard, and meet regulatory compliance.

Enable Innovation For Industrial Camera OEMs
Application Note | Canon USA Imaging Solutions Group

Canon CMOS sensors put innovation within reach, enabling industrial camera OEMs to take on the tough application challenges of end users and realize their cutting-edge products.

Theory And Measurement Of The Modulation Transfer Function (MTF)
White Paper | Image Science Ltd

MTF is a quantitative and objective measure of the quality of an image formed by a lens or and electro-optical system. This measurement is appropriate for lenses of all qualities and can be calculated from lens design data, which enables theoretical and actual performances to be compared. 

CNC Machining: Designing For Speed
White Paper | Protolabs, Inc.

Even 3D printing relies on and owes its existence to machining. This white paper talks about the continuous importance of CNC machining, how to optimize parts for machining, and things to look for in a machining partner.

Using Thermal Mapping At The Data Center
Application Note | FLIR Systems, Inc - Research & Science

Cooling the servers in data centers efficiently is critical to increasing IT reliability, maintaining high performance, and reducing electrical usage. This article discusses the reasoning behind using infrared thermography (IRT) to commission and monitor data centers’ cooling systems.


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