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08.07.19 -- Spotlight On High-Speed Cameras

Spotlight On High-Speed Cameras
High-Speed Thermal Cameras: The Need For Speed
Application Note | FLIR Systems, Inc - Research & Science

The two types of thermal cameras include the cooled photon-counting cameras and the uncooled microbolometer-based cameras. This application note discusses the different features and uses of these cameras, as well as provides real-life examples of their fast and reliable measurement capabilities.

Compact, Versatile High-Performance Camera System: FASTCAM NOVA
Product | Photron, Inc.

With three different available models, the NOVA delivers 12-bit image recording rates up to 12,800 frames per second (fps) at megapixel image resolution and shutter speeds to less than 0.2 µs.

High-Speed CMOS Cameras: pco.dimax Series
Product | PCO-TECH Inc.

PCO’s high-speed CMOS camera series delivers extremely fast frame rates, high resolution, and a variety of operational and trigger modes. They are well-suited for applications involving airbag inflation, combustion research, ballistics testing, and other high-speed camera applications.

Lens Manufacturers: Do You Know The Best Test For Lens Performance?
Article | By Kevin Urben, Image Science Ltd

A high-quality lens begins with a good design, tolerant to small manufacturing errors. The manufacturing process must be tightly controlled, from individual lens elements to final assembly. But, since small errors in manufacturing can result in serious loss of performance, end-of-line testing is necessary.

Large-Format, Narrow Band Pass Filters (NBPF) – A Uniformity Challenge
White Paper | Iridian Spectral Technologies

Within so many diverse optical filtering applications, large-format (>100 mm diameter), narrow band pass filters (NBPF) are required to be used alongside large collection optics in order to facilitate specific and selective analysis of a phenomena or the substance of interest.

Using A Multi-Wavelength Confocal Raman Microscope For Nondestructive Pharmaceutical Ingredient Analysis
Application Note | By Jack Qian and Lin Chandler, BaySpec Inc.

Characterization of the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) and its distribution and physical properties in commercial medicine is necessary in drug research and development. Raman spectroscopy is gaining popularity as nondestructive, noninvasive, fast spectrum acquisition, and highly reproducible. 

Understanding VCSEL Measurement Solutions
White Paper | Ophir Photonics

Vertical cavity surface emitting lasers (VCSELs) are a type of semiconductor laser diode. This article discusses VCSEL measurement solutions and how Ophir equipment can be used to get reliable power and beam profile data on VCSELs.

Featured Multimedia
Video: Introducing The RV-Series 3D Machine Vision System

The Machine Vision RV-Series from Canon is made up of a group of systems that are specifically designed to work as the “eyes” of robotic arm systems. Benefits for using these machine vision systems include one-time measurements of 3D pose, high-speed recognition, improved productivity, and reduced production costs. This series is ideal for use in industrial production applications such as automobile parts manufacturing, car manufacturing, and electronics manufacturing.

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