Newsletter | November 9, 2022

11.09.22 -- Spotlight On Detectors & Imaging

Spotlight On Detectors & Imaging
Intro To Multiphoton Microscopy

Multiphoton microscopy is ideal for capturing high-resolution 3D images with reduced photobleaching and phototoxicity compared to traditional confocal microscopy techniques.

CoaXpress-Over-Fiber Breaks New Ground For High-Speed Machine Vision

To truly reap all the benefits of high-speed streaming machine vision cameras, the systems must be paired with cable technologies that can support transferring and processing vast amounts of data at high speed. 

IR Detectors For Thermographic Imaging

Thermographic imaging is accomplished with a camera that converts IR into a visual image that depicts temperature variations across an object or scene. This article is part two of a handbook by FLIR that discusses the use of IR detectors in thermographic imaging.

Portable XRD/XRF For Cultural Heritage Using Deep Cooled CCD Camera

There are lots of scientific techniques for establishing the authenticity of art. One growing application is the use of X-ray fluorescence (XRF) and X-ray diffraction (XRD), the analysis of a small region of an object to measure mineralogy and chemistry.

Industry Insights
Customizing Optical Coatings For A 3D Visual Application

In this case study, we look at the challenge of fabricating a broadband, non-polarizing cube beamsplitter for a 3D visual application.

FLEXPOINT Laser Modules

Laser modules are used as pilot lasers, as alignment aids, or in digital imaging processing. Laser Components' FLEXPOINT Laser Modules are customized and modified to meet customers' specific demands. 

Building Active Feedback Control: Methods At The Nanoscale

Active feedback control can be accomplished in either a closed-loop or an open-loop system, using various combinations of software and hardware and depending on the demands of the experiment.

Using Optical Filters To Observe And Measure Earth From A Different Perspective

An improved ability to manage or understand the natural or influenced phenomena is critical to ensuring that we maintain a healthy planet capable of sustaining humanity as part of its diverse biomass. But understanding these phenomena and how they are changing over time requires measurement.

Recent News
Featured Multimedia
What Are Canon's Linear Ultrasonic Motors All About?

Canon's linear ultrasonic motors (USM) are used as an autofocusing actuator for Canon camera lenses, offering high speed and smooth drive.

Bulletin Board
How To Clean An UP Detector

Charles Dumas, international sales director at Gentec-EO, demonstrates how to know if and when to clean a laser power detector absorber and how to do it.

Featured Solutions
Solutions For Imaging, Sensing, And Laser Scanning Applications

Abrisa Technologies offers custom coating services and innovative total solutions of coated and fabricated technology glass for imaging, sensing, and laser scanning applications.

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Abrisa Technologies
Established Standard Lenses: Turquoise Series

The Turquoise series of lenses by Schneider Optics are high-resolution 1” C-mount lenses. These compact and robust lenses are ideal for demanding imaging applications, even in harsh environments.

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Schneider Optics
Photodiodes: UV Enhanced Detectors (UVG)

The UVG family of detectors features stable responsivity over wide temperature ranges and long life in exposure to UV light. The devices are suitable for a variety of applications.

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Opto Diode, An ITW Company
Two-Color Sandwich Detectors

OSI Optoelectronics offers three types of dual sandwich detectors. In the silicon-silicon sandwich, one silicon photodiode is placed on top of the other, with the photons of shorter wavelengths absorbed in the top silicon and the photons of longer wavelengths penetrating deeper, absorbed by the bottom photodiode. 

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OSI Optoelectronics