Newsletter | November 27, 2019

11.27.19 -- Spotlight On Biotechnology/Life Sciences

Featured Article
Camera-Based Solutions For High-Content Imaging
By Scott Metzler, Ph.D., PCO-TECH, Inc., and Gerhard Holst, Ph.D., PCO AG.

This article will help readers to identify their needs and their options when implementing a new camera into a high-content imaging system.

Spotlight On Biotechnology/Life Sciences
Infrared Cameras: Advanced Temperature Measurement For Today's Breakthrough Medical Research
Article | FLIR Systems, Inc - Research & Science

When the frontier of medical discovery lies in places that are hard to see or reach, gaining accurate temperature measurements can be difficult. Versatile, affordable, high-performance IR cameras are a powerful tool to gain accurate temperature measurements in medical discoveries.

Optical Micromirrors Reveal The Secrets Of Cell Membranes
Article | Mad City Labs, Inc.

Progress in understanding the lipid bilayer — a two-molecule thick oily barrier that protects all living cells — has been dramatic over the past 100 years. But puzzles remain to be solved, such as how these membrane proteins navigate the oily lipid bilayer to go about their work.

How To Ensure Accuracy Of Laser Measurement In Medical Devices
Article | Ophir Photonics

Medical devices need to be precise in order to ensure the health of the patient. This article addresses considerations needed to make sure laser measurement sensors in medical devices are accurate and will continue to remain as accurate as possible.

Imaging Through Atmospheric Obscurants
Article | Sensors Unlimited – A part of Collins Aerospace

The Salt Lake City Valley in Utah sometimes experiences trapped air pollution in the atmosphere that severely reduces ground visibility. This article demonstrates the difference between using visible light and SWIR cameras to provide greater detail in imaging, even in challenging conditions.

Medical Device Design & Manufacturing Challenges: 2017 And Beyond
Article | By Dr. Frank Gindele, SCHOTT Electronic Packaging

Medical device manufacturers and designers must overcome various challenges to succeed in an expanding global marketplace, challenged along the way by aspects of design, research, validation, and bringing their devices to a competitive market in a cost-effective manner.

Math, Magic, And MTF: A Cheat Sheet For The Vision System Community
Article | Schneider Optics

MTF is the best proxy for lens performance, but the math behind it and the graphs that depict it often obstruct understanding. This paper demystifies MTF, arming vision system decision makers with the knowledge they need about it to choose the right lens every time.

Strategic Prototyping For Human-Factors Engineering
Article | By Andrew DiMeo, Trig

Human-factors engineering (HFE) is gaining increasing attention, especially in the context of medical device product development. As technologies evolve, therapies advance, and devices become more complex, so does the role of HFE increase in priority.

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