Newsletter | January 18, 2023

01.18.23 -- SPIE Photonics West 2023 Show Preview

Bright Ideas — Photonics West 2023 Edition

Bright Ideas presents the most captivating news and innovations in optics and photonics. This week, we look at news from and about SPIE, the international society for optics and photonics’ Photonics West 2023 event.

Featured Solutions To See At SPIE Photonics West 2023
Nanopositioner Focusing Elements: Nano-F Series

The Nano-F Series by Mad City Labs offers compact piezo lens nanopositioners with closed loop control and travel ranges up to 200 microns. It is designed to hold and move objective lenses with very low off-axis motion and sub-nanometer precision.

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Mad City Labs, Inc.
Booth #: 3225
Raptor Scientific CCD, EMCCD, and InGaAs Cameras

Raptor develops, manufactures, and markets a range of high-quality CCD, EMCCD, and InGaAs cameras targeting the global scientific and surveillance imaging markets, specifically for OEMs and instrumentation manufacturers. We design and build a range of custom solutions for OEMs and national laboratories around the world. 

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Raptor Photonics Limited
Booth #: 2037
Hyperspectral Imagers

The new OCI-F Series from BaySpec is made up of miniature push-broom hyperspectral imaging cameras covering the VNIR (400 – 1,000 nm) wavelength ranges. The ultra-compact designs, simple operation, and intuitive software make these cameras ideal for many spectroscopy applications.

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BaySpec Inc.
Booth #: 3360
BeamPeek Beam Profiler

The BeamPeek system allows simultaneous beam profiling, focal spot size and position, and power measurement of additive manufacturing (AM) lasers. 

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Ophir Optronics Inc.
Booth #: SH22/21
Range And Scientific MWIR Camera: RS6780

The FLIR RS6780 offers advanced detector, triggering, and synchronization capabilities in an environmentally-protected package, making it easy to configure and integrate for successful data acquisition in the most demanding R&D applications. 

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Teledyne FLIR
Booth #: 1527
H-alpha Emission Line Filters

Alluxa's Hydrogen Alpha (H-alpha) Emission Line Filters have been specifically tailored to monitor H-alpha spectra in astronomy; they can also be used in any application where spectral line discrimination is critical, including spectroscopy, plasma monitoring, and fusion research.

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Alluxa, Inc.
Booth #: 4640
Frameless Brushless DC Motor

Canon's DC motors are custom manufactured to achieve the exact speed, power, and current required of the OEM application. Canon motors are RoHS-compliant and are completely designed, manufactured, and assembled in our facilities.

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Canon USA, Inc. Optoelectronic Components
Booth #: 2339/2338
High-Power Detector: HP60A-15KW-GD-QBH-MET-D0

The HP60A-15KW-GD-QBH-MET-D0 from Gentec-EO is a high-power detector for laser power measurement up to 15,000 W, including a QB/QBH fiber adaptor.

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Gentec Electro-Optics, Inc.
Booth #: 1357
Infrared Components

Laser Components not only offers quality components but also profound technical expertise and assistance. This brochure outlines Laser Components' range of photodiodes, detectors, and other offerings.

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Laser Components USA, Inc.
Booth #: 941
Two-Color Sandwich Detectors

Dual sandwich detectors or two-color detectors are mostly employed for remote temperature measurements. The advantages of optical remote measurement have made these devices the perfect match for this type of measurement.

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OSI Optoelectronics
Booth #: 1555
Thin & Ultra-Thin Lightweight Mirrors

These ultra-thin (0.1 to 0.55 mm) mirrors can be inserted into compact devices needing miniaturization, ultra-lightweight properties, or where space for beam steering is at a premium. 

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Abrisa Technologies
Booth #: 2255
Focus On SPIE Photonics West 2023
Wavelength Budgeting For Optical Filters

Considerations when specifying transition pass bands, blocking bands, and transition widths include filter manufacturing tolerances, thermal tolerances, and source/detector variations. These factors must be taken into account properly and completely to achieve optimal spectral performance.

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Iridian Spectral Technologies
Booth #: 3332
Meet Zygo At SPIE Photonics West 2023

Join the optics and photonics community in this exploration of the latest breakthroughs and cutting-edge research.

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Zygo Corporation
Booth #: 1249
XY-Theta Stages Improve Quality And Throughput In High-Precision Applications

High-accuracy three-axis XY-theta stages are critical in many test and production processes related to laser precision machining, semiconductor and photonics test and production, and medical device manufacturing.

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PI (Physik Instrumente) LP
Booth #: 3317
Precision Optics For Military Applications

This application note reviews a number of precision optics suitable for military applications, including corner cube retro-reflectors, integrator rods, mirrors, windows, and cube beamsplitters, as well as a wide variety of prisms.

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PG&O® Precision Glass & Optics
Booth #: 4835
Schneider Optics Product Brochure

Schneider Optics is a worldwide acclaimed manufacturer of high-performance lenses, filters, and optical and mechanical components for industrial applications.

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Schneider Optics
Booth #: 1853
Testing All-Silica Fibers Resistant To UV And Gamma Radiation

This study examines the influence of the composition of the core material, preform production technology, and posttreatment with hydrogen on the optical stability of the all-silica optical fibers to UV radiation.

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Armadillo SIA
Booth #: 3353
Recent News
Featured Multimedia
OCT Systems Start To Finish

This webinar examines what's involved in designing an optical coherence tomography (OCT) system for manufacture and assembly. (DFMA).

Booth #: 748
Bulletin Board
What Is SWIR?

Sensors Unlimited, a world leader in the research and development of InGaAs technology, explains the electromagnetic spectrum with a deep dive into the infrared waveband.

Booth #: 1831