Newsletter | January 13, 2021

01.13.21 -- Space-Based SWIR Imagery | Single-Molecule Microscopy

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SWIR Imagery Improves Air Quality From Space

Developed by MPB Communications Inc., the GHGSat’s microSat, nicknamed "Claire," celebrates its second year in space this June. Flying a Sensors Unlimited 640HSX InGaAs SWIR Camera, this micro-satellite circles the Earth every 90 minutes collecting infrared images. 

Overcoming Pitfalls When Measuring Thin, Parallel Optics

One advanced solution is Fourier-transform phase-shifting interferometry (FTPSI), which enables easy characterization of the front and back surface, optical thickness variation, and material homogeneity of thin plane parallel glass.

What Is A Transparent Heater Window?

Transparent Heater Windows are used for widely differing purposes from keeping food hot or cold to preventing aircraft windows from frosting over. This article covers their many uses and benefits.

Introduction To Next-Generation, Thin-Film Optical Filters For Life Sciences

Fluorescence-based systems have revolutionized the way organisms, cells, and biomolecules are visualized and detected. However, challenges common to these instruments, such as bleed-through, background autofluorescence, and poor signal-to-noise ratios, can reduce performance. 

Spectroscopic Materials Analysis In The Palm Of Your Hand

Handheld optical spectroscopy’s newest tool features an expanded wavelength detection range, tougher packaging, and the power to streamline countless recycling, food, and industrial applications.

Measurements At The Speed Of Light

When measuring the thermal signatures of rockets exploding or aircraft in flight occur at high speeds, understanding the factors that go into making those measurements will help users determine if a camera is suited for the job.

Understanding Virus Mechanisms — One Particle At A Time

Single-molecule microscopy techniques facilitate direct study of molecular mechanisms, enabling leaps in understanding surrounding how viruses assemble, disassemble, and interact with their hosts.

How To Measure Laser Power Accurately In 7 Simple Steps

Are there simple step-by-step instructions on how to make a power measurement the same way a laser expert would? Yes! This article offers a guide on how to measure laser power accurately using a Gentec-EO thermal laser power meter.

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High-Energy Pyroelectric Sensors: Ophir PE50U-DIFH-C

The Ophir PE50U-DIFH-C is a pyroelectric energy meter with a high damage threshold diffuser for concentrated beams. It is designed with a 35 mm aperture and can measure energies from 100 µJ up to 10 J.

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Ophir Photonics
Surface Reflectance Analyzer: RA-532H

The Surface Reflectance Analyzer RA-532H is designed to measure and evaluate objects' surface conditions. Utilized measurement methods include standard compliant gloss, haze, image clarity (IC), and 2-D BRDF (bidirectional reflectance distribution function) measurements.

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Canon USA, Inc. Optoelectronic Components