Solderable and Face Metallization Optical Coatings

Source: Deposition Sciences, Inc. (DSI)

Solderable and Face Metallization Optical Coatings

Deposition Sciences Inc. (DSI) offers face metallization and thin film solderable coatings on a wide variety of substrates including silicon and other commonly used optical materials. The thin film coating capabilities are enabled by DSI’s unique sputtering deposition technology. The company also utilizes enhanced photolithography techniques for patterning the coatings at a wafer scale, making them compatible with wafer-level packaging operations that customers may currently use.

The face metallization and solderable coatings can be combined with anti-reflective (AR), bandpass, or precision custom coatings from ultraviolet (UV) to long wave infrared (LWIR) wavelengths. Typically, these coatings are used for the hermetic sealing of sensitive packages in applications including infrared (IR) detectors, cameras, focal plane arrays, and other sealed sensors and/or detectors. DSI can also offer custom coatings for one-of-a-kind specialty instruments. All optical coatings are unique, ultra-durable, zero-shift, and are MIL-Spec tested for humidity, salt fog, abrasion, temperature cycle, adhesion, solubility, and more.

For more information about solderable face metallization capabilities, watch the attached video.