Newsletter | June 24, 2020

06.24.20 -- Silicon Photodiode Stability In Laser Emission Measurements

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Stability Of Silicon Photodiodes For Laser Emission Measurements

Laser emission safety regulations are put in place to necessitate simple instrumentation for user monitoring and regulatory purposes. Instruments must be accurately calibrated and maintain their calibrations over long periods and must be achieved within the optical transducer. This white paper’s objective is to examine the suitability of silicon photodiodes as the transducer and to discuss the calibration accuracy, reproducibility, and stability that are likely to be achieved from a commercial company.

Industry Insights
Frequently Asked Questions: Infrared Detectors

This white paper covers most frequently asked questions regarding infrared detectors and provides the answers for each of them.

Using Ophir’s IS1.5VIS-FPD-800 Multifunctional Integrating Sphere For VCSEL Measurements

Ophir’s IS1.5-VIS-FPD-800 multifunctional sensor for measuring VCSELs includes precision photodiodes for calibrated average power measurements, fast measurements for pulse shape characterization on an oscilloscope, and an SMA fiber optic adapter for easy connection to a spectrometer.

Wavelength Budgeting For Optical Filters

Considerations when specifying transition pass bands, blocking bands, and transition widths include filter manufacturing tolerances, thermal tolerances, and source and detector variations, among others. 

Neutral Density Filters Catalog

Hoya’s neutral density filters have nearly even spectral transmittance in the visible region and are classified by the average transmittance within wavelengths from 400 nm through 700 nm. These filters are able to control light intensity without selectively absorbing light with a specific wavelength.

Advances In CMOS Image Sensors And Associated Processing: Part 2

Part 2 of the series describing advancements in CMOS sensors and processing focuses on a new Super 35 mm CMOS image sensor that is specifically developed to support origination of high dynamic range (HDR) motion imagery. 

Infrared Camera Accuracy And Uncertainty In Plain Language

Trusting measurements from instruments can be difficult without a clear understanding of how the sensitivity and accuracy is derived. Many times, infrared camera measurement accuracy is confusing and can involve complex terms and jargon that may be misleading. 

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ULTRA Series Fluorescence Filters For Real-Time qPCR Applications

Alluxa offers a variety of hard-coated ULTRA Series excitation filters and emission filters specified with tight wavelength control, steep edges, high transmission, and greater than OD6 blocking to increase signal-to-noise ratios and improve qPCR efficiency. Available dichroic filters are specified with steep edges, high transmission, and high reflection.

New Website
Introducing The New Ophir Infrared Optics Website
Your one stop shop for infrared optics — it has everything you need to get your business done. Easily find products, comprehensive product data, recommended products for any application, and an extensive knowledge base.
Featured Solutions
SCHOTT SingleEZ Guide For Single-Use Endoscopy Applications

The SCHOTT SingleEZ Guide is a new generation of glass fiber illumination designed with a single plug-and-play component for easy and fast installation in single-use endoscope assemblies. The guide combines the advantages of glass fiber technology with a new ease of handling without individual fibers and termination after installation.

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SCHOTT North America Inc.
Cooled sCMOS With Highest 26 MPix Resolution: pco.edge 26

PCO offers the pco.edge 26 sCMOS camera with 5120 x 5120 pixel resolution and a 2.5 x 2.5 µm² pixel size for achieving the maximum level of spatial resolution for many applications, including microscopy imaging with low magnification.

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MicroMirror TIRF System

Mad City Labs' MicroMirror TIRF system is a new single-molecule imaging instrument composed with high precision, high stability nanopositioning and microscopy technologies. It is designed for studying the ordered assembly and function of multicomponent biomolecular machines.

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Mad City Labs, Inc.