137/157 Series Optical Thickness Gauge

Source: Bristol Instruments, Inc.

137 Series Optical Thickness Gauge

The 137/157 Series Optical Thickness Gauge from Bristol Instruments is a non-contact instrument designed to accurately and reliably measure the absolute thickness of a variety of transparent, translucent, and some visually opaque materials. The thickness gauge utilizes interferometer-based wavelength meter technology, and includes a super-luminescent LED (SLED), an interferometer assembly, and a digital processor, all housed within a single chassis. The system also comes with an optical probe, a fiber-optic patch cord, and Bristol’s Opti-Cal­ software.

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The 137/157 Optical Thickness Gauge is able to provide accurate results within ± 1 µm (± 0.04 mils), and exceptional repeatability (standard deviation) as good as ± 0.05 µm (± 0.002 mils), to ensure that the measurements are well within the specified accuracy limits. All material layers are measured simultaneously without damage or deformation. The device’s performance and straightforward operation also enables the detection of thickness changes as small as 0.1 µm (0.04 mils), which is an advantage especially for online applications. With a rugged design and free upgrades for the software, these gauges are ideal for applications in manufacturing environments.

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