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Directed-Energy Laser Devices — Advantages And Challenges

Directed-energy weapons have been at the cutting edge of military research for over 40 years. The idea of directed-energy weapons that employ either laser, microwave, or particle beams was the driving force behind President Reagan’s “Strategic Defense Initiative (=SDI)” in 1983. 

Nanopositioners: What Are They Good For?

Nanopositioner applications, utility, and functionality often are misunderstood — to the detriment of researchers whose experiments might benefit from the stability, precision, and repeatability these instruments offer.

What's The Fuss With Vertical Integration In Optics?

As an optical system supplier, Zygo has three internal groups: Zygo Precision Optics, Zygo Extreme Precision Optics, and Zygo Electro Optics. Together they make it possible to control the key competencies that make for a vertically integrated supplier.

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