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09.16.20 -- Selecting A Laser Power Or Energy Sensor | Is A DIY Microscope For You?

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How To Properly Select A Laser Power Or Energy Sensor

Selecting a sensor to accurately measure the power of a laser or energy of a pulsed laser can seem like a simple procedure but, many times, the process is limited to choosing a sensor that only meets the range of power or energy to be measured, leaving out several other essential criteria of the laser specifications. This article presents a number of steps for the proper selection of a laser power/energy sensor.

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Is A DIY Microscope For You?

Whether modifying existing instrumentation or building a new tool from the ground up, a meticulous process is as critical as the functional result.

Alluxa Introduces HELIX Spectral Analysis System For Measuring High-Performance Thin-Film Optical Filters

The HELIX Spectral Analysis System has redefined measurement capabilities of high-performance thin-film optical filters. HELIX is an instrument designed and developed by Alluxa Engineering staff to address the limitations of most commercially available spectrophotometers.

How To Specify A Filter

In general, typical filter optical specifications will include the wavelength ranges over which to reflect and transmit light, clear aperture of the filter, the polarization state of light for non-normal angles of incidence, light coherency (laser or white light), optical beam size and cone angle of light, and more. 

Spectroscopy Helps Tuning Down Air Pollution

Even though vehicles have their advantages, vehicular air pollution affects air quality in both metropolitan and small-town areas all around the world. This article discusses the efforts to lower air pollution and how spectroscopy helps in these processes.

What To Consider When Selecting A Neutral Density Filter

Neutral density filters are important components in imaging and light measurement applications, so it's useful to know how to select the right filters to meet your needs.

FLIR Thermal Cameras Help To Reduce The Invasiveness Of Cochlear Implant Surgery

The surgical placement of cochlear hearing implants behind the human ear requires a highly trained surgeon and can result in facial nerve damage, meningitis, tinnitus, infections, cerebrospinal fluid leakage, and potentially more.

Hyperspectral Imaging Reveals New Information For Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Hyperspectral imaging technologies provide a solution for overcoming the human eye's limitations, revealing data that the eye alone cannot capture. This article presents and discusses the new information that hyperspectral imaging brings to unmanned aerial vehicles.

Antmicro's Open Jetson Nano Baseboard With NVIDIA's Latest Production SoMs And ALVIUM Cameras

One motivation behind open hardware designs at Antmicro is showcasing the newest processing technologies and providing a starting point for discussion about customized products — with different form factors, interfaces, and additional software — Allied Vision can build for its customers and partners. 

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Advanced Thermal Analysis: ResearchIR

ResearchIR is a type of software for engineers in the R&D sector to use with their thermal imaging camera systems. It provides high-speed recording and advanced thermal pattern analysis, making it particularly useful in industrial R&D applications.

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FLIR Systems, Inc - Research & Science
Bandpass Filter Series

Schneider Optics offers a series of magnetron sputtered industrial bandpass filters with impressed steep slopes and high transmission at stable cut-on and cut-off wavelengths. They are ideal for use in metrology, 3-D measurement, food and beverage inspection, ophthalmology, and microscopy applications.

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Schneider Optics
Laser Rotary Encoders For Highly Accurate Angle Sensing

Canon USA has developed laser rotary encoders that can provide 81,000 pulses with a 36 mm diameter by using the light-diffraction interference method in conjunction with a semiconductor laser acting as the light-emitting element.

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Canon USA, Inc. Optoelectronic Components