Raven 640 Analog 17µm: Security Solutions with SWaP Infrared Cameras

Source: Xenics

Raven 640 Analog 17µm: Security Solutions with SWaP Infrared Cameras

Xenics’ Raven 640 Analog 17µm infrared imaging camera offers the  best detection, recognition and identification solution for demanding security and surveillance applications. The Raven 640 Analog 17µm delivers  crisp and clear thermal images even in bad weather and in complete darkness without the use of additional illumination. To meet the needs of the professional security community the Raven-640-Analog 17µm can be configured with no less than 12 different lenses, making it possible to adapt the camera to a wide variety of security applications.

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The Raven-640-Analog 17µm is a long wave infrared imaging camera, specially designed for the demanding security market with a high operating temperature range.

Raven 640 Analog  17µm Benefits & Features:

  • Shutter management
  • On-board image correction and enhancement processing
  • Small pitch for longer DRI values, high image resolution
  • One mount for exchangeable lenses
  • Small, low weight and low power consumption (SWaP)
  • Standard interface: analog out + RS232 via com-port

Applications for Raven 640 Analog 17 µm Infrared Cameras

  • Firefighting
  • Surveillance
  • Traffic safety
  • Border control
  • Perimeter security
  • Search & Rescue (SAR)

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