Article | July 23, 2012

Rising Role Of Pan/Tilt Systems In Military Communications

Source: FLIR Systems, Inc - Research & Science
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By David Gaw, FLIR Motion Control Systems

Today’s battlefield demands flexible, reconfigurable, dynamic, and mobile solutions. At the same time, real-time sensing and communications — between humans and machines — have become a necessity to modern military strategy. Sitting at the nexus of flexibility and real-time sensing and communications is a new class of antenna systems enabled by high-performance computer-controlled pan/tilt systems. These automated antenna systems are being used for a variety of battlefield applications including:

  • Point-to-point networking radio systems for long-distance battlefield communications (e.g. the WIN-T Increment 2 program)
  • Ground-to-air communications for real-time video downlink from unmanned aerial vehicle (UAVs)/ unmanned aircraft systems (UASs, e.g. AAI Unmanned Aircraft Systems’ Expeditionary Ground Control Station)
  • Flexible, portable perimeter security systems for forward-base force protection (e.g. BETSS-C)

FLIR Systems, Inc - Research & Science