Newsletter | January 9, 2020

01.09.20 -- Revealing Thermal Characteristics Of Microelectronic Devices With Infrared

Cameras Reveal Thermal Characteristics Of Microelectronic Devices
In the development of electronic and microelectronic devices, transient thermal information is critical to validate whether a device or a specific part of the device is operating properly. However, a number of concerns related to thermal transport exist. In order to efficiently address these concerns, it is critical to fully understand  the nature of thermal transport in materials at the microscale.
See The Heat: Troubleshooting PCB And Electronic Product Design With Thermal Imaging
The inherent heat found in smaller electronic circuit boards and components can easily cause system failures and significant damage. This webinar compares infrared imaging with the more traditional temperature measurement devices while utilizing real-world infrared images and examples.
Speed Up Testing And Improve Quality Of Electronics PCBA And Integrated Circuit Design And Testing With The Use Of Infrared Technology
As electronic circuit boards and components get smaller and more powerful, inherent heating becomes a concern. Infrared camera technology is helping save electronic design companies money through improved test times and better product design.
Improving Electronic Design And Testing With Infrared Imaging
This e-book addresses the inherent heating problems in electrical system designs. Whether in early rapid prototyping design, failure analysis and quality assurance, or troubleshooting on product returns, thermal measurement is a key tool for identifying problems and improving thermal management solutions.
Benchtop Thermal Imaging: A Simple-To-Use, Cost-Effective Solution For Troubleshooting Complex Printed Circuit Boards

Electronic products used in aerospace and other research applications have two key requirements: high performance and the reliability to withstand intense environments. To attain that performance, electronics designers often use small parts and routinely push them to their limits.