Newsletter | July 14, 2021

07.14.21 -- Removing Laser Beam Measurement Noise | Intl. Women In Engineering Day Discussion

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How To Remove Background Noise For Accurate Laser Beam Profiling And Power Measurement

Laser beam measurement noise can affect both beam diameter and power measurements. In most cases, these erroneous readings are larger than they are supposed to be. This article outlines how to minimize background noise and improve reading accuracy. 

Industry Insights
Rapid Scanning Of Silicon Carbide Wafers Using Prior Scientific’s Purefocus 850 Autofocus

In 2021, numerous PureFocus 850 autofocus systems are in the field, enhancing productivity in areas from biological research to industrial component scanning.

Utilizing Precision Infrared Narrow Bandpass And Dual Bandpass Filters Featuring Low OH-Band Absorption

Alluxa’s new precision infrared bandpass and dual bandpass filter technology brings new levels of performance with higher transmissions, steeper slopes, and flatter pass bands than traditional evaporated coatings.

International Women In Engineering Day 2021 — G&H Group Engineers Speak Out

In recognition of International Women in Engineering Day on June 23, 2021, women in engineering and related disciplines from across G&H came together virtually to discuss what it means to be a woman in engineering in 2021.

Using SWIR For Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) High-Resolution Imaging In Tissue

By using the 1.05 µm central wavelength, instrumentation companies are now developing systems to image deeper through the retina into the blood vessel layer (called the choroid) to diagnose eye diseases and monitor treatment.

Cytometry Gets Fast

Flow cytometry plays an increasingly important role in cell analysis. Modern flow cytometry, which can support cancer research and drug development, has analyzers that allow researchers to characterize the image of single cells. This characterization provides insights into a variety of key cellular phenotypes.

New Xenon Jade Lenses By Schneider

The new Xenon Jade series is a set of high-end lenses developed with focus on the new sensors like the Sony’s Pregius S-Generation 4. The Xenon Jade lenses are optimized for the use in machine vision applications.

Speed Up Testing And Improve Quality Of Electronics PCBA And Integrated Circuit Design And Testing With The Use Of Infrared Technology

As electronic circuit boards and components get smaller and more powerful, inherent heating becomes a concern. Infrared camera technology is helping save electronic design companies money through improved test times and better product design.

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Featured Multimedia
Ophir Optics Webinar: Advanced Thermal Imaging Optical Solutions For Defense & Security

In this webinar, Dr. Kobi Lasri, general manager, Ophir Optics, will address advances in optical solutions for the most challenging air, land, and sea security and defense deployments. Hosted by Laser Focus World, March 2021.

Learn How To Use Ariel, Ophir’s "All In One" Sensor

Learn how to use the Ariel, Ophir’s new ultra-compact "All in One" sensor for measuring high-power industrial lasers up to 8 KW.

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Video: Raptor 640N Vis-SWIR Camera

This video walks through a step-by-step guide on how to set up and operate a Raptor Owl N Vis-SWIR camera using an Euresys Grablink GigE converter. Most of Raptor's SWIR cameras are now supported by and compatible with the Euresys software.

Featured Solutions
High-Performance Handheld Infrared Camera: FLIR T865 (Science)

Key features include temperature measurements down to -40°C with an accuracy of ±1°C / ±1 percent and FLIR UltraMax and MSX (Multi-spectral Dynamic Imaging) modes providing exceptional image quality and measurement capabilities.

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Teledyne FLIR
The Ultimate Snapshot Imager For VIS/NIR/SWIR: GoldenEye

BaySpec offers the GoldenEye camera as the only snapshot hyperspectral imager covering VIS/NIR/SWIR (400 to 1100 nm) wavelengths. With FT-PI proprietary technology, this high-sensitivity imager is ideal for low-light level applications.

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BaySpec Inc.