Newsletter | October 30, 2019

10.30.19 -- Remote Sensing | Automotive Thermal Stereo Vision

Featured Article
Thermal Stereo Vision Makes Safer Cars
By FLIR Systems, Inc - OEM Cores and Components

Not only could the thermal stereo camera theoretically tell the vehicle’s computer system to slow down upon detecting an object in the road in any lighting condition, it could also provide redundant distance data, along with the vehicle’s visible camera and radar systems, to ensure the vehicle makes the most appropriate decision for the circumstance.

Spotlight On Remote Sensing
Remote Sensing With LIDAR Requires Optical Filter Trade-Offs
Article | By Hongbai Lao, Iridian Spectral Technologies

Engineers and designers working on LIDAR applications should consider critical filter issues early on.

SPS (SWIR Pocket Scope) With High Target Accuracy And Enhanced Situational Awareness
Product | Sensors Unlimited – A part of Collins Aerospace

Sensors Unlimited offers the compact SPS (SWIR Pocket Scope) field-ready viewer designed to provide high-resolution video within daytime and nighttime operations. It delivers distinct advantages over other viewer technologies, including visible (CMOS), thermal, and night vision systems.

Analyzing Small, High-Power Beams At Focus In Manufacturing Applications
White Paper | By Derrick Peterman, Ophir Photonics

Lasers are increasingly deployed in manufacturing applications, being pushed to higher output powers and smaller beam sizes to work faster and with higher precision. Determining the beam profile at the beam focus of these lasers is critical to verify and improve manufacturing product quality. 

3-D Machine Vision: One Small Step For Robots, A Giant Leap For Factory Automation
Article | By Naomi Shisaike, Canon USA, Inc. Optoelectronic Components

3-D machine vision systems “see,” analyze, and make decisions to meet production requirements of high accuracy, speed, and low maintenance while also being durable enough to withstand factory conditions.

High-Speed Imaging Uncovers The Invisible With Schlieren Techniques
Article | Vision Research, Inc.

Although noninvasive schlieren imaging can now deliver detailed images of highly dynamic processes, obtaining high-quality data requires choosing the best high-speed camera for the application and careful optimization of the optical setup.

Ultrafast Laser Optics: Balancing Costs With Successful Outcomes
White Paper | MKS Instruments, Inc.

This white paper explores the “false economy” provided by lower quality, lower cost optical components and its impact on the ultimate success or failure of research experiments and other ultrafast laser applications.

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Available Autoclavable SCHOTT Solidur LEDs
With three unique and fully customizable base designs, autoclavable SCHOTT Solidur LEDs offer near-limitless integration possibilities for medical devices.
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