Quadrant Avalanche Photodiodes (APDs): Series 9 And Series 10

Source: First Sensor AG

Avalanche Photodiodes (APDs)

First Sensor offers a range of quadrant avalanche photodiodes (APDs) optimized for 760-910 nm with QE>80%, or for 850-1070 nm with high QE. Selected chips are also available with a bandpass (BP) filter. With an active area segmented in four quadrants, these APDs have good uniformity, high-speed, low noise and a low slope multiplication curve.

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First Sensor develops and manufactures quadrant avalanche photodiodes in the Series 9 with enhanced NIR sensitivity at the optimal 900 nm, and the Series 10 with enhanced NIR sensitivity at the 1064 nm. Materials and processing can be adapted to individual customer and product requirements, thus enabling the optimization of parameters such as sensitivity at different wavelengths, speed, and capacity.

Special Features of Avalanche Photodiodes:

  • Low slope multiplication curve
  • Potentially low bias operation
  • Low temperature coefficient
  • Active surface diameter of up to 4 mm in 4 quadrants

Applications of Avalanche Photodiodes:

  • Laser scanner
  • Laser alignment
  • Shape recognition
  • Collision warning
  • Pulsed 905 nm or 1064 nm laser detection

For more features, specifications, graphs, and diagrams regarding Series 9 and Series 10, download the respective datasheets.

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