Newsletter | January 19, 2022

01.19.22 -- Preview: SPIE Photonics West 2022 Show Issue #2

From The Editor
Featured Solutions To See At SPIE Photonics West 2022
IR Zoom Lenses For Extended Observation Ranges Designed For VGA MWIR f/5.5 15 µm Detectors

The new 30-385 mm and 50-700 mm f/5.5 lenses enable longer detection, recognition, and identification (DRI) ranges with a compelling combination of performance, reliability and cost, specially designed for anti-drone applications and ideal for long-range observation and surveillance systems with vehicle detection range capabilities exceeding 22 km.

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Ophir Optics Group
Booth # 927
High-Performance, Two-Stage Lead Selenide (PbSe) Detector

The IR Detectors (B Series) from Opto Diode are high-performance lead selenide (PbSe) single-channel, cooled, and uncooled devices. Applications for these detectors include gas analysis, emissions monitoring, spectroscopy, thermal imaging, defense, security, and process control systems. 

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Opto Diode, An ITW Company
Booth # 5105
Xenoplan 1.3" C-Mount Lenses

These high-resolution, high-speed lenses are optimized for the use of up to 12 megapixel 1.3" sensors with micro-lenses on the sensor surface. The lenses are also broadband coated and can be used in the visible range 400 to 700 nm or the near-infrared range 700 to 1,000 nm.

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Schneider Optics
Booth # 1935
8-Channel Intensified sCMOS Camera: pco.dicam C8

The pco.dicam C8 camera system is the next member of the multi-channel intensified camera series that exploits the full performance inherent to scientific CMOS sensor technology. With its high-end optical beam splitters, the input light can be equally distributed to the eight image intensifiers.

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Booth # 1148
Ruggedized Multi-Head High-Speed Camera System: FASTCAM MH6

Photron offers the new FASTCAM MH6 camera system, perfectly designed for space- and weight-constrained environments, including in on-board vehicle safety testing and military testing applications. The MH6 camera head provides outstanding image quality with 1080 HD resolution at 1,000 frames per second and light sensitivity of ISO 5,000 color and ISO 12,500 monochrome.

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Photron, Inc.
Booth # 1631
Industry Insights
G&H Photonics West 2022 Preview

Saturday 22 January is an important date in the calendar for photonics engineering and manufacturing – from the point of view both of photonics companies and their customers. The date marks the start of the first Photonics West and BiOS conference and exhibition since 2020, in San Francisco – and we’ll be there.
Booth # 949

Oleophobic Vs. Hydrophobic Glass Coatings

Oleophobic coatings are well-suited for projected capacitive (PCAP) and capacitive touch screens, handheld devices, teleprompters, virtual reality applications, and more. Hydrophobic coatings do not allow water to bond with the surface of the glass.
Booth # 1933

Capture All-In-One Shot For VIS And NIR Imaging With BaySpec’s GoldenEye

BaySpec’s snapshot hyperspectral imager, GoldenEye, breaks the tradition of cumbersome imaging instrumentation and is made for durability and reliability in a compact, lightweight, and easy one-shot operation design.
Booth # 3333

Minimizing Risk When Coating Optics

Related to optics, a “risk” is anything in the product development process that can have an impact on cost, schedule, or technical performance. One such risk is coating, and a good place to begin your evaluation of the risk on performance is by vetting the coating supplier.
Booth # 1538

Measuring Blast Wave Energy

Students and researchers at the Colorado School of Mines used shadowgraphy to measure the blast waves created by a standard electric detonators. The team compared a fluid-desensitized oil and gas detonator to a standard mining and construction detonator.

Utilizing High-Speed 3-D Thermography

A new camera system developed by researchers at the Frauhofer IOF in Jena is designed for the 3-D detection of objects with two high-speed, high-resolution monochrome cameras and a GOBO projector.
Booth # 1338

How To Connect A Safety Light Barrier To A Hexapod System

This white paper from PI explains when it is useful and necessary to use a safety device, how a safety light barrier (or light curtain) works, how the risk assessment for hexapods is carried out, and how the safety device can quickly be integrated in the controller environment.
Booth # 3307

5 Common Applications Of Lasers In Electronics

Electronics, specifically lasers, are more commonly used today than you may realize. Gentec EO explores a few common examples of laser applications in electronics in today's world.
Booth # 1649

Understanding White Balance For Allied Vision GigE Cameras

The human visual system maps “white” colors to the sensation of white. When an image is captured by a digital camera, the sensor response at each pixel depends on the illumination. This application note discusses the use and calibration of white balance, specifically for Allied Vision GigE cameras.
Booth # 126

Recent News
Featured Multimedia
Introducing The WB-I Wide Beam Imager

The Ophir® Wide Beam Imager SWIR: WB-I SWIR is a compact, calibrated optical system for measuring the size and power distribution of large and divergent beams of VCSELs and LEDs in the SWIR range.

Booth # 927