Newsletter | January 12, 2022

01.12.22 -- Preview: SPIE Photonics West 2022 Show Issue #1

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Featured Solutions To See At SPIE Photonics West 2022
Hyperspectral Imagers

The new OCI-F Series from BaySpec is made up of miniature push-broom hyperspectral imaging cameras covering the VNIR (400 - 1000 nm) wavelength ranges. The ultra-compact designs, simple operation, and intuitive software make these cameras ideal for many spectroscopy applications.

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BaySpec Inc.
Booth # 3333
Canon Linear USM Features
Features of ultra-sonic motors (USM) include high torque/force, steady low speed without a gear, low inertia, low audible noise above 20 kHhz driving frequency, and more. The electromagnetic motor carries mass of magnet or iron core and winding.
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Canon USA, Inc. Optoelectronic Components
Booth # 2236, 2239
Highly Durable Sapphire Optics

PG&O’s new sapphire optics operate from the visible out to the infrared spectral wavelengths. The thermal- and scratch-resistant substrate is exceptionally durable and able to withstand extremely harsh environmental conditions and temperature variations.

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PG&O Precision Glass & Optics
Booth # 4835
Kestrel 1000 Camera

The Kestrel 1000 camera from Raptor Photonics is a Digital Monochrome Scientific Frame Transfer EMCCD, 1,800 fps, 128 x 128, 24 µm x 24 µm pixels, cooled to -20C.

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Raptor Photonics Limited
Booth # 2355
Stand-Alone Driving Kit

MicroOLED’s MDP0xDK4 stand-alone driving kit offers the users the fastest and most efficient way to benefit from technical advantages of MicroOLED micro displays.

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Sensors Unlimited – A part of Collins Aerospace
Booth # 436
Advanced Cooled MWIR Camera: Ventus 275

Sierra-Olympic introduces the Ventus 275 advanced cooled mid-wave infrared (MWIR) camera system to offer a cost-effective solution for surveillance, fixed monitoring, defense, and manned/unmanned ground and airborne applications. The camera system supports continuous zoom, autofocus, and advanced image processing in a compact package ready for integration.

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Sierra-Olympic Technologies, Inc.
Booth # 3237
Industry Insights
Solving PCR Filter Challenges For High-Performance qPCR Instruments

qPCR instrument users need high sensitivity and pristine signal clarity to achieve numerous delicate tasks. The right combination of optical filters significantly improves this functionality.
Booth # 3239

Laser Components Features Quality Powell Lenses For Line Lasers

Laser Components now has the capability to manufacture high-quality Powell lenses in house. Powell lenses generate lines by transforming narrow laser beams into straight lines with uniform intensity profile, unlike standard cylindrical lenses that also create laser lines but with uneven Gaussian profiles.
Booth # 848

Bus Bars And Optics

A bus bar is a strip of conductive material applied to the surface of conductively coated glass, most commonly ITO (indium tin oxide) or IMITO (index matched ITO) coatings. Abrisa applies bus bars either by thin film deposition of chrome-nickel-gold or by screen printing.
Booth # 1933

The Role Of Thin Film Optics In qPCR And COVID-19 Detection

The COVID-19 pandemic has necessitated rapid and accurate quantitative analysis of dangerous pathogens. The “gold standard” for DNA detection today is quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR). In this article, learn how thin film optics play a role in DNA detection.
Booth # 4640

Focus On Focus: Three Technologies For Collecting 3D Image Data

Cells often cannot be imaged in a single plane, either due to cell thickness being greater than the depth of field or to inherent unevenness across the sample. Imaging cells grown on 3D substrates is increasingly prevalent as it provides a more true-to-life representation than traditional 2D cultures.
Booth # 3233

Application Of ND Filters In LCD And CRT Panels For Aviation

This article discusses how to improve the visibility of displays in the cockpit during daylight with neutral density (ND) filters.
Booth # 1853

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Featured Multimedia
Video: Nanopositioning Systems

Shannon from Mad City Labs takes you through the company's product line of nanopositioning systems. Learn about nanopositioners and their key attributes with this informative video.

Booth # 3227
Bulletin Board
OSI Optoelectronics Company

OSI Optoelectronics is a leading global provider of innovative photonics, optoelectronics, and advanced electronic systems for aerospace and defense, medical and industrial, and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

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