Precision Optics

Source: Gooch & Housego PLC

Gooch & Housego produces precision optics components and assemblies from a variety of materials for research, industry, and defense markets. Products created for laser cavity and beam conditioning include active and passive components, non-linear crystals, and acousto-optic and electro-optic components.

Opto-Mechanical Assemblies
Gooch & Housego specializes in optimizing optical designs for precision sub-assemblies and modules for space, aerospace, defense, industrial, and life science markets. Custom bonded multi-element optical components, drop-in components in housings, and modules are also available with integrated electronics for visible through LWIR wavelengths. Click here for more information.


Laser Cavity & Beam Conditioning Optics
G&H manufactures a range of custom components and substrates from a wide variety of optical materials. Engineered parts are offered with precision optical finishes with extremely high accuracy and tolerances on engineered parts, as well as precision drilling, shaping and polishing capabilities. G&H also makes high quality anti-reflection (AR) and high-reflection (HR) broadband and narrowband coatings. Click here to download the datasheet.

SWIR Lens Assemblies
Custom lenses are produced using standard polishing and grinding techniques, and single point diamond turning for imaging, focusing, collimation, and illuminations. Highly efficient and durable coatings are available for use in visible through LWIR wavelengths.  Lens processing capabilities include CNC generating, grinding, and polishing, and ensure a consistently high level of product quality. All lenses are validated using state-of-the-art metrology, often including reflectance and transmission measurements. Click here for more information.

Research Grade Mirrors & Flats
G&H has developed processes for super-polishing materials for custom laser cavity and beam routing mirrors in specialized applications for research and industry markets. They also offer super-polished flat or concave research grade mirror substrates that go beyond the MIL grade requirements for magnification and illumination. Other available products include optical flats and parallels, synchronization mirrors, silicon carbide mirrors, and ring laser gyro mirrors, frames, and diaphragms. Click here for more information.

Waveplates, or retardation plates, are designed for altering the incident beam’s polarization by resolving it into two perpendicularly polarized components. G&H has experience in producing Cadmium Sulphide (CdS), Cadmium Selenide (CdSe), quartz, and other rare material waveplates for UV-VIS and NIR applications. Click here for more information.


Corner Cubes
G&H manufactures high laser damage threshold corner cubes that are designed for laser rangefinders. They are able to collapse the optical cavity, reduce weight, and improve system performance. The corner cubes are composed of three mirrors that will return an incident light beam in the opposite direction. They are used in cavity designs as a circulator, or in instrumentation for compact beam-folded designs. Click here for more information.


Infrared optics
G&H utilizes a combination of technical skills, unique manufacturing competencies, and extensive metrology capabilities to deliver highly integrated infrared optical components. These components may be manufactured with a combination of optical techniques (such as complex shapes on lenses) to achieve excellent product specifications for range finding, reconnaissance, surveillance, target identification, targeting and designating, and many other thermal imaging applications. Click here for more information.

Optical Domes
Optical domes are two parallel, curved surfaces produced using precision tooling, and include Zinc Selenide, Zinc Sulphide, or Germanium materials. G&H optical domes can be found on forward looking infrared systems, seeker head optical systems, in submersibles, underwater camera systems, and more. Click here for more information.


Optical Windows and Flats
G&H offers a wide range of optical windows and flats ranging from small precision optical flats for interferometry, to large windows in military vehicles. These windows are designed with minimal reflection, absorption, or beam scatter so that is does not distort/impact the wavefront, or deviate the beam path. Click here for more information.



Plate and Cube Beamsplitters
G&H provides optically contacted cubes and plate beamsplitters demonstrating superior laser damage performance for each unique wavelength, split, and incident angle combination. Cube beamsplitters can divide the incident beam based on polarization (S or P) or power (ratio of energy into each arm). Plate beamsplitters display intrinsically higher beam power handling capability than cube beamsplitters, and are the preferred solution in high laser energy applications, or where cost or weight limits on the assembly must be considered. Click here for more information.

Precision Lenses
Custom precision lenses from G&H are key optical components for many transmission and imaging applications in the aerospace, security, defense, machine vision, health care, and life science industries. These lenses are manufactured using standard polishing and grinding techniques, as well as single point diamond turning and MRF® methods for imaging, focusing, collimation, and illumination applications. Click here for more information.


Precision Mirrors
The G&H high-energy precision dielectric and metal mirrors deliver high performance and value for laser cavities ranging from small, lightweight range finding lasers to high laser damage threshold industrial lasers. With numerous shapes and sizes, each mirror is precision polished and inspected at magnification to ensure there are no underlying defects before coating. Careful cleaning and coating processes ensure microscopic particles are not encapsulated into the coating. Click here for more information.

Precision Prisms
G&H produces precision prisms with the highest standards for bending, folding, inverting, reinverting, and deviating light. Each surface that is polished and coated holds the strictest of angular tolerance to the other surfaces. They are manufactured with complex tooling capabilities such as precision angular tolerance control, accurate wavefront control, and polishing of a wide variety of materials. Click here for more information.


Ring Laser Gyroscope (RLG) Components
G&H supplies the RLG frame and optical components for ring laser gyroscopes that are used in commercial aircraft, missiles, satellites, and other military vehicles. Click here for more information.




Super-polished SROC
Gooch & Housego's super-polished substrates feature surface roughness lower than 1 Å, scratch/dig <5/2, and inspection upwards of 320x magnification. The result is extremely low scatter, losses, and defects – a requirement for any high performance laser application. The substrates offer an impressive 1/20th wave or better surface accuracy. Click here for more information.