Portable Thermal Research Camera: T600sc Series

Portable Thermal Research Camera: T600sc Series

FLIR’s T600sc series is made up of battery powered, handheld thermal imaging cameras ideal for applications that involve thermographic studies and temperature measurements. These thermal cameras cover the -40°C to 2,000°C temperature range and employ 640 x 480 infrared uncooled Vanadium Oxide (VOx) microbolometer detectors.

The T630sc and T650sc cameras feature a rugged and ergonomic design that meets IP54 standards for protection of internal parts from water, shock, vibration, and dust. An LCD screen on the back of the units provides on-camera analysis and recording. Additionally, two visual cameras have been integrated into the housing for continuous focus and thermal fusion, allowing the operator to fuse an IR image on top of the visual image. LED lamps have also been added to the camera to assist in low-light level imaging applications for the visual cameras.

While the cameras’ overall size and weight make it portable, mounting options for tripods or microscope optics are also available. This means you can use it in the field for portable applications like studying solar cells, or mount it to a tripod for studying microchips and PCBs in a lab application.

For more information on the T630sc and T650sc thermal camera’s features and specifications, download the available datasheets or check out the video below.

T600sc Series Introduction

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