Portable Optical Profiler: Nomad™

Source: Zygo Corporation

Portable Optical Profiler: Nomad™

The Nomad profiler from Zygo Corporation is a small, lightweight portable optical profiler ideal for situations where the measurement of an object’s surface is too large for the measurement stage of a conventional workstation profiler. 

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The Nomad optical profiler utilizes Coherence Scanning Interferometry (CSI) measurement technology. This technology offers the benefits of non-contact metrology, sub-nanometer measurement precision independent of field magnification, and the ability to measure a wide variety of surface types including polished, ground, structured, and stepped.

This portable profiler offers improved efficiency with the ability for in-process measurements. The surface of a part can be measured without removing it from the grinding or polishing machine to bring it to a QC lab for measurement. The included docking station enables the Nomad instrument to be used as a desk-top profiler, as well as providing a safe place for unit storage and for changing objectives.

For more features, benefits, and specifications on the portable Nomad profiler, visit the website or download the datasheet.

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