News | June 22, 2016

Photron Launches New Website Featuring Ultra-High-Speed Imaging

Source: Photron, Inc.
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Photron Launches New Website Featuring Ultra-High-Speed Imaging

­­­­­Photron, Inc., ( a global leader and manufacturer of high-speed digital cameras and software for slow motion analysis, launches a new website featuring high speed imaging cameras, systems, and applications, plus an extensive gallery of high-speed footage captured from Photron’s cameras and slow-motion systems.

Photron’s entire line of high speed imagers are presented in three sections:  High performance FASTCAM SA Series; Lightweight and Multi-head, Remote Head Models; and Powerful, Compact FASTCAM Mini Series.  To view these ultra-high performance, high-speed camera systems, go to

The new applications section at features high-speed imaging tech notes on shadowgraphy, laser illumination, Schlieren imaging, particle imaging velocimetry (PIV), and combustion studies.  

Photron’s new website also features a wide variety of software for camera control, data acquisition (DAQ), and motion analysis.  To view, please go here:

For more information about Photron’s family of products for imaging extremely high-speed events, using the most light-sensitive high speed imagers for slow motion analysis, please call +1 858-684-3555.

Photron, Inc. (USA) ( - San Diego, CA) is a leading worldwide manufacturer and supplier of digital high-speed cameras, including the world’s fastest megapixel video systems. High-speed imaging products range from low-cost solutions to highly specialized, intensified systems for biofluorescence and combustion analysis.  High- speed, slow-motion cameras featuring high definition (HD) resolution up to 2,000 frames per second are available for motion picture, reality TV, sports, and broadcast applications.  For production fault-finding, Photron offers high-speed imaging systems with multiple miniature cube or pencil camera heads.  For extreme or hostile environments, such as vehicle crash testing and/or military weapons proving, Photron’s high-G rated camera systems are utilized. Cameras include standard and custom, high-resolution, high-speed imagers, software, and systems to meet R&D, automotive, commercial, medical, and defense-related motion image analysis requirements.

SOURCE: Photron Inc. (USA)