News | December 15, 2004

Photron Introduces World's 1st PC-Based High Speed Video Imaging System With Full Mega Pixel Resolution At 1000 fps

Source: Photron, Inc.
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San Diego, CA -- Photron USA, Inc., a leader in advanced high speed, high resolution imaging systems has announced the latest addition to their slow motion video camera family, the FASTCAM-X 1024 PCI™. The world's first PC-based high speed video imaging system that features full mega pixel resolution up to 1000 frames per second (fps), the FASTCAM-X uses an ultra light-sensitive 10-bit CMOS sensor with large, 17 micron square pixels. The global electronic shutter can operate down to 2 microseconds, ensuring that high speed events are captured, blur-free, regardless of the speed of the object to be recorded.

The new high speed imaging video system for the personal computer shares the same sensor and advanced function features as Photron's recently introduced high-G APX-RS slow motion video imager. The FASTCAM-X 1024 PCI offers unparalleled performance for PC-based high speed imaging from 60 to over 100,000 frames per second with full mega-pixel resolution as fast as 1,000 fps and an astonishing top speed of 109,500 fps at reduced resolution. Variable aspect ratios are achieved by user- specified "building blocks" that are available in 128 pixels (wide) by 16 pixels (high) and are automatically configured to any user selected framing speed. There are twenty memory slots in which to store frequently used speed and resolution settings for future use. There are also 14 additional preset resolution patterns and 33 preset frame rate patterns. This flexible system currently offers expandable memory in either 2 or 6 Gigabyte options (12 and 24 GB are planned for 2005) which can be partitioned to capture up to 24 recordings in quick succession with no time-consuming downloads needed between recordings. When all the partitions are full, the entire memory can be downloaded in AVI, TIFF, JPEG and other standard 8, 10, or 16-bit image formats.

The intuitive FASTCAM-X 1024 PCI slow motion imaging system comes with Photron's FASTCAM Viewer (PFV) software and is compatible with all current Photron high speed imaging products. This revolutionary high-resolution, high speed camera has both a C-mount and an F-mount lens adaptor. The compact camera easily connects to the PCI specification 2.1 card by a single 16-foot (5m) flexible cable and occupies only a single slot, regardless of the memory configuration selected. Perfect for imaging any high speed event in industries such as automotive, process control, medical, film / television, aerospace, military and industrial manufacturing.

Photron USA, Inc., founded in 1974, is a world supplier of photo-instrumentation, high speed image processing systems and photo optical technologies for the automotive, industrial manufacturing, film and television, medical and military markets. The company's charter, to develop and design digital imaging and high speed motion analysis solutions for advanced technological challenges, has driven Photron's rapid revenue growth. Products include standard and custom high resolution, high-speed cameras, software, and systems for R&D, commercial and defense-related motion image analysis applications.

Source: Photron, Inc.