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Photonics Online Newsletter: Top 10 Of 2008

Photonics Online's Top 10 of 2008
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Wednesday, December 17, 2008


NIR Sensitivity For Electroluminescence (EL) Imaging For Solar Cell Characterization

The Model pco.1300 solar-cooled, digital 12-bit CCD camera system is designed for electroluminescence (EL) applications based on its unique increased sensitivity in the NIR range of the spectrum. Features include Quantum Efficiency of up to 13% at 880 nm and a resolution of 1392 x 1040 pixels. Applications include solar cell/panel production-line QC, NIR fluorescence, and spectroscopy. Learn more.

Photonics Online's Top 10 of 2008
Photonics Online is pleased to present you with its Top 10 newsletter, our annual recap of the most popular articles, downloads, news, and products from the past year. We hope you enjoy this glance back at 2008 as you prepare for 2009.

The past 12 months have been exciting ones for Photonics Online. First, we made significant changes to our home page, which now offers a host of new features to make it easier than ever before to find product overviews, industry news, technical articles, or anything else related to the field. We also tackled a few new topics in our 2008 Editorial Calendar – namely Security & Surveillance, Medical Devices, and Semiconductor Manufacturing – and these special editions proved to be some of our most popular newsletters of the year.

After debuting our first print publication in 2007, Photonics Online continued to expand our reach "offline" with the 2008 edition of The Photonics Solutions Update. Distributed at SPIE Photonics West, the annual Update includes a wealth of product and service information, as well as a collection of exclusive articles.

If you would like to participate in any of these Photonics Online offerings next year
or have ideas for other resources we can provide in 2009 we would be delighted to hear from you. Please drop us a line!

In closing, the entire Photonics Online team would like to express its thanks, first to all of the authors, companies, and organizations that contributed content in 2008. And thanks to you, our loyal readers, for reading, clicking, and making this special edition newsletter possible. Happy holidays from Photonics Online
we look forward to building next year's Top 10 with you (starting on January 7, 2009)!

Top 10 Articles of 2008

1.White Paper: The Evolution Of Digital Imaging: From CCD To CMOS
By Micron Technology
2.Night-Vision Camera Combines Thermal And Low-Light-Level Images
By XenICs NV
3.Tech Note: Guide To Fluorescence And Color
By Labsphere, Inc.
4.NIR Trends: Penetrating The Haze Of Scattered Light
By Sensors Unlimited, Inc., part of Goodrich Corporation, ISR Systems
5.Application Note: Understanding Measurements Using An Oscilloscope Versus A Lock In Amplifier
By Spectrum Detector, Inc.
6.Tutorial: Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence Microscopy
By Olympus Industrial America
7.Technical Guide: Reflectance Spectroscopy
By Labsphere, Inc.
8.Application Note: High-Speed Spectroscopy
By IMRA America, Inc.
9.Terminology Guide: Understanding Fluorescent Lingo
10.White Paper: Noise In Silicon Photomultipliers And Vacuum Photomultiplier Tubes
By SensL


New, Ultra-Compact, One-Piece High-Definition CMOS Camera – with HD-SDI Output

Toshiba Imaging's new, ultra-compact (~1 ¾ in. x 1 ¾ in. x 3 in.), one-piece High-Def IK-HR1S camera has a 1/3 inch, 2.1 megapixel CMOS sensor. Ideal for professional broadcast applications.

  • HD-SDI Output
  • Switchable 1080i to 720p
  • Larger Bandwidth/Better Signal
  • RS 232 Control
  • C-Mount Lens
Learn more.

Top 10 News Stories of 2008

1. Solar Power Game-Changer: 'Near Perfect' Absorption Of Sunlight, From All Angles
SOURCE: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI)
2.First-Ever Images Of Another Solar System Captured By An International Team Of Astronomers
SOURCE: Université de Montréal
3. Invisibility Undone: Chinese Scientists Demonstrate How To Uncloak An Invisible Object
SOURCE: American Institute of Physics
4. Michigan Laser Beam Believed To Set Record For Intensity
SOURCE: University of Michigan
5. Single-Pixel Camera Has Multiple Futures
SOURCE: Rice University
6. 'Rainbow' Lasers Light Up The Future
SOURCE: University of St Andrews
7. University Of Maryland Researchers Develop 2-D Invisibility Cloak
SOURCE: University of Maryland
8. Controlling Light With Sound: New Liquid Camera Lens As Simple As Water And Vibration
SOURCE: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
9. Laser Triggers Electrical Activity In Thunderstorm For The First Time
SOURCE: Optical Society of America
10. Researchers Use Light To Detect Alzheimer's
SOURCE: Optical Society of America

Top 10 Products of 2008

1.Transparent Conductive Coatings With EMI Shielding
By Deposition Sciences, Inc. (DSI)
2.Wavelength Selective Detectors
By Silicon Sensor International
3.1064 APD
By Silicon Sensor International
4.High-Power 880 nm IR LEDs
By Opto Diode Corporation
5.High-Sensitivity InGaAs NIR MiniCamera (SU320MX-1.7RT)
By Sensors Unlimited, Inc., part of Goodrich Corporation, ISR Systems
6.Multi-Spectral Infrared Camera: Titanium Orion
By Electrophysics Corp.
7.Microlens Arrays For Laser Micro Materials Processing And Laser Illumination
By LIMO Lissotschenko Microoptic Inc.
8.LED Light Measurement
By Labsphere, Inc.
9.High-Output Visible LEDs
By Opto Diode Corporation
10.NIR/SWIR Night Vision And Laser Detection Camera
By Sensors Unlimited, Inc., part of Goodrich Corporation, ISR Systems
Top10 Downloads of 2008
1.Sample Chapter: IEEE Green Book
2.Calculator: Determine The Optimum Detector And Lens Combination For Your Application
By Electrophysics Corp.
3.Datasheet: Anti-Reflection Coatings
By ZC&R Coatings for Optics
4.Datasheet: High-Speed, 12-Bit CMOS Camera System: pco.dimax
By The Cooke Corporation
5.Optical Fiber Solution Builder
By CeramOptec Industries Inc.
6.Selection Guide: Image Sensors
By Hamamatsu Corporation
7.Datasheet: 350 W Industrial Laser Systems
By LIMO Lissotschenko Microoptic Inc.
8.Catalog: Silicon Sensor International
By Silicon Sensor International
9.Product Overview: IR-REVOLUTION 360: Real-Time, 360° Panoramic Surveillance
By HGH Infrared Systems
10.Datasheet: SC660 R&D Infrared Camera System
By FLIR Systems, Inc

Bulletin Board

Application Note: A New Way To Measure Pulse Energy Stability
It wasn't long ago that you had no choice but to grab a thermal power meter, fast photodiode, a set of ND filters, a fast digital scope, and data acquisition software to be able to try to measure the pulse energy performance of your 100 kHz laser in real time.

Stop! You don't have to do this anymore. Spectrum Detector, Inc. has just completed development work on the world's first 100 kHz digital joulemeter… mach 5. This is today's way of measuring the true real-time performance of your pulsed DPSS or fiber laser. Learn more in this new application note.