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07.07.21 -- Photonics Demand Trends | Optical Components For SWIR

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G&H Insight: The Growth Of Laser

Photonics emerges stronger from the pandemic, proving its robustness and resilience against market disruptions. In this article, G&H explores the demand for photonics-based solutions across sectors, applications, and pain-points, and sets out industry needs for photonic components to address the challenges customers face today.

Industry Insights
To Buy Or Not to Buy? Understanding And Choosing UV LEDs

Technical development is currently advancing rapidly, and it is difficult to keep up with current market developments. This article provides an overview and practical decision-making aids in the search for a suitable UV LED for applications.

New Metrology Techniques For Advanced Thin Film Optical Filters

Alluxa’s thin-film optical filter technology has advanced to the point where the spectral slopes and blocking levels are challenging even the best metrology equipment and techniques. This paper discusses the issues and provides solutions to measuring the spectral response of this new class of high-performance filters.

Optical Filters For 1550 nm Light Sources In Sensing Applications

The 1550 nm band can supplement or replace the 905 nm band in automotive LIDAR applications. HOYA offers superior filtration options for designers operating in both bands. 

High-Pulse Laser Rotary Encoders: Positional Angle Mastery In A Tiny Package

The use of high-pulse optical-digital laser rotary encoders benefits applications where sensing or controlling the rotation and position of a mechanical system with high accuracy and exceptional resolution is required.

Fast-Steering Mirrors For Deep Space/Free Space Optical Communication

High-precision tip/tilt mechanisms keep laser beams stabilized and precisely on target. The initiative to replace costly, laggy, and limited satellite telecom links drove the late-1990s photonics boom, based on radio frequency (RF) signals with long-haul optical fiber cables running across oceans and continents. 

Is Your Laser Cutting Machine Losing Power Over Time?

Output power is one of the most critical parameters of laser cutting machines that could decrease over time due to wear and tear or user errors. Therefore, diagnosing it by using appropriate power monitoring instruments and techniques is easy and saves time and money for your business.

OSI Optoelectronics Glossary Of Terms

OSI Optoelectronics offers a glossary of terms dealing with photodiode and detector technologies.

Optical Components For SWIR Imaging

This application note provides information on the benefits of SWIR imaging in harsh or low-light level conditions and PG&O's capabilities in manufacturing optical components for SWIR imaging.

OEM Laser Optical Components: Customized Solutions

Ophir has earned its reputation as a world-leading, one-stop-shop designer and manufacturer of laser optic components for industrial applications. Ophir Laser Optics combines decades of expertise with the latest, cutting edge technologies for a diverse range of advanced optical components and assemblies.

Prior Scientific — Your Manufacturing And Development Partner

So, you’ve developed a great new product concept in your lab, and now it’s time to develop that product and bring it to market. You need an optical system, but you don’t want your product to look like a standard off-the-shelf microscope. What do you do

Finding Resolution In A Distant Image

IR cameras on the military test range often need to focus on far-away objects. Despite common misperceptions, zoom lenses work in IR cameras, but understanding spatial resolution is key. 

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Ariel Ultra-Compact "All-In-One" Sensor For Measuring High-Power Industrial Lasers

The Ariel power meter is designed for OEM and end-user applications in closed and confined spaces, such as additive manufacturing, metal cutting, and welding. This battery-powered meter requires no water or fan cooling. Able to fit in the palm of your hand, the system measures laser powers from 200 mW to 8 KW and a wide range of wavelengths, including 440 to 550 nm green and blue lasers.