Phantom® Miro® LAB-, LC-, and R-Series Cameras

Source: Vision Research, Inc.

Phantom® Miro® LAB-, LC-, and R-Series Cameras

The Phantom® Miro® camera series offers a wide variety of models with a range of performance levels in three different available body styles. Available in 1, 2, and 4 megapixel versions, these cameras are the ideal choice for qualitative and quantitative analysis and allow for users to choose the resolution, performance level, and body style that fits each application.

The LAB-Series is specifically designed for laboratory/office environment applications where computer control is preferred. The LC-Series is ideally suited for a variety of applications where the camera requires portability. It features an integrated flip-out LCD touchscreen for on-camera control and viewing of recorded cines. The R-Series is packaged in a robust, chock-tolerant, all-metal body specifically for applications outdoors and in harsh environments.

Additional features include:

  • Throughput: 1.6 Gpx/s or 3.2 Gpx/s
  • 12-bit pixel depth
  • 6 GB or 12 GB memory
  • Nikon F/G, Canon EOS, 1” C, PL lens mounts
  • Phantom CineFlash storage system
    • CineFlash modules up to 240 GB
    • CineFlash dock
    • USB and eSATA connectivity
    • Standard on the LC- and R-Series
    • Optional on the LAB-Series

For more in-depth information on the many different available models, performance levels, and available specifications, download the family datasheet above.