Phantom® Miro® Digital High-Speed Camera Series

Source: Vision Research, Inc.

Phantom® Miro® Digital High-Speed Cameras: N-Series

The Phantom® Miro® series cameras are small, light-weight, flexible digital high-speed cameras designed for the most extreme and demanding environments. These modular cameras can create multi-camera configurations when connected to a Miro Junction Box, and included Phantom Camera Control software easily captures an event and adjusts cine characteristics for the best picture possible. Ideal applications include industrial trouble-shooting, mechanical analysis, motion analysis, and any other application requiring high-quality, high-speed imaging analysis.

Phantom® Miro® C210J/C210

The Phantom® Miro® C210J and C210 are small, light-weight, digital high-speed cameras with small size, weight, and strategically placed mounting holes. They are small enough to fit into the tightest and most difficult places. Both rugged cameras feature a local memory, as well as a non-removable 128G CineFlash® and an internal battery designed specifically to protect valuable images if a cable is severed during an experiment. The Miro C210J and C210 also benefit from Vision Research Phantom Camera Control (PCC) which includes motion analysis tools to be able to perform timing, position, distant, velocity, and angular speed measurements.

Phantom® Miro® C110

The Phantom® Miro® C110 features 8GB of RAM and is available in either monochrome or color. With a 1.3 megapixel sensor, it achieves 915 frames-per-second (fps) at full 1.3 Mpx resolution, and up to 52,445 fps at reduced resolutions. The Phantom Camera Control software easily captures an event and adjusts cine characteristics for the best picture possible.  All cines can be saved converted to popular formats such as Quicktime or AVI, and single frames can be saved as JPEGs or TIFFs to easily share the information.

Phantom® Miro® N-Series

The Phantom® Miro® N-Series of tiny, Hi-G cameras are composed of three simple, interchangeable components that flow seamlessly into the Miro Junction Box: the Miro N5 Camera head, the CXP cable, and the Miro N-JB Base. Offering ultimate data protection through the CXP cable, every last image is guaranteed to be safe even if the head or cable is damaged. The head of the camera features an integrated 0.5 Mpx sensor achieving 250 mpx/s, and frame rates of 560 fps at a maximum resolution of 768 x 600, or over 1,000 fps at 512 x 472. The Miro N-JB Base functions like a Miro C210J camera, complete with 8 GB of RAM, 128 GB internal CineFlash, back-up battery, and a system cable connection. All components are interchangeable for maximum convenience and flexibility.

For more information on the different Phantom® Miro® camera models, download the available datasheets.