Newsletter | November 16, 2021

11.16.21 -- Optical Filter Basics And Specifications


Optical Filter Specifications

This article covers the basics of a number of optical filter specifications including angle of incidence, polarization, surface flatness, surface quality, temperature dependence, and more. Definitions and diagrams are provided for each specification as well.

ULTRA Series Fluorescence Filters For Real-Time qPCR Applications

Alluxa offers a variety of hard-coated ULTRA Series excitation filters and emission filters specified with tight wavelength control, steep edges, high transmission, and greater than OD6 blocking to increase signal-to-noise ratios and improve qPCR efficiency. Available dichroic filters are specified with steep edges, high transmission, and high reflection.

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Custom And OEM Optical Filter Development

At Alluxa, we are continually striving to improve our products by researching and developing novel thin-film technologies. Therefore, we welcome any custom optical filter requests for nonstandard spectral shapes, unusual coating materials, tunable filters, extreme blocking, or any other challenging technical specifications.

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ULTRA Series Dielectric Mirrors

Alluxa's ULTRA Series of high-reflectivity dielectric mirrors provide close to 100 percent reflection over a broad or precise range of wavelengths. Each hard-coated, thin-film dielectric mirror is resistant to laser damage and all will boost instrument performance by preserving light source intensity.

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