Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)

Source: Gooch & Housego PLC

Whether for low volume, prototype units, or high volume OEM manufacturing supply, G&H can provide the optical assemblies and components critical to medical imaging systems fabricators for ophthalmic OCT and other imaging applications.

Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) Delay Line
The OCT optical delay line and its variable small form-factor model from G&H is designed to provide fast and accurate optical path length change within a compact housing, and can easily be incorporated into any modular OCT system architecture. The optical interface is put through a single fixed fiber pigtail which can be specified to any length and terminated with all commonly used optical connectors.

Optical Coherency Tomography (OCT) Couplers and EWOC
Since fiber optic couplers are used in OCT light engines to form the interferometer that generates depth information, G&H has developed the high performance EWOC (Extreme Wideband OCT Coupler) for use in high-resolution OCT imaging systems employing wideband wavelength-swept sources. Utilizing G&H’s proprietary fused fiber technology, the EWOCs are able to split over an extended bandwidth and can be ordered to operate at any of the popular OCT wavelength bands (850nm, 1060nm, and 1310nm).

Optical Coherency Tomography (OCT) Collimators
G&H’s line of non-contact style, single mode, fiber collimators are designed and manufactured to high opto-mechanical tolerances that enable simple incorporation into production line processes. These collimators incorporate achromatic lenses, and anti-reflection coatings for minimizing back reflections. They utilize G&H’s alignment and assembly processes to produce a beam with low pointing error that is stable over a wide range of environmental conditions.

Acousto-Optic Frequency Shifter (APTF) for OCT Applications
G&H has developed a fully integrated, fiber coupled, acousto-optic product that is ideal for applications such as laser doppler velocimetry and optical coherence tomography. The use of these devices in OCT overcomes the issue of ambiguity between positive and negative depths by shifting the entire signal frequency band to positive frequencies.


Optical Coherency Tomography (OCT) Interferometers
G&H has manufactured many thousands of fiber based OCT interferometers over the last 15 years using our high specification fused couplers. G&H custom design capabilities ensure that we deliver the electro-optical module providing the required features and functionality, enabling customers to focus on their core competence while reducing time to market and development costs. Our volume manufacturing capability and high field reliability ensures low cost of ownership over the lifetime of the product.

For more information on the many high-tech optical assemblies and components for ophthalmic optical coherence tomography, visit Gooch & Housego’s site or download the available datasheets.