Open Front, Direct Detection CCD Camera: Eagle XO

Source: Raptor Photonics Limited

Open Front, Direct Detection CCD Camera: Eagle XO

Raptor Photonics introduces the new Eagle XO as a high energy version of one of the most sensitive CCD cameras on the market. This open front detector uses back-illuminated 1MP and 4MP CCD sensors from e2v, and comes in 2048 x 2048 and 2048 x 512 high resolution formats. Typical applications include x-ray imaging, x-ray microscopy, thin films and nanofibers, x-ray plasma diagnostics, holography, and lithography.

The Eagle XO is deep-cooled using a Thermoelectric Cooler (TEC), which also minimizes dark current and enables long exposures. The camera is back illuminated with no coating for optimal sensitivity and large field of view imaging. The detector also features 13.5 µm x 13.5 µm pixels, enabling ultra-sharp image resolution and high dynamic range.

Download the datasheet and technical drawing for more features and specifications on the Eagle XO.