Newsletter | June 29, 2020

06.29.20 -- NSOM Capabilities & Applications | Handheld Chemical Analysis

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Near-Field Scanning Optical Microscopes: Capabilities And Applications

NSOM techniques and instrumentation have evolved to become vital tools for material characterization, providing high-quality data and continually expanding utility.

Industry Insights
3-D Machine Vision: One Small Step For Robots, A Giant Leap For Factory Automation

3-D machine vision systems “see,” analyze, and make decisions to meet production requirements of high accuracy, speed, and low maintenance while also being durable enough to withstand factory conditions.

Handheld Chemical Analysis Enhances Many Industry Uses

Handheld full-solution spectrometers can address mobile analysis needs in many industry applications better than other technologies currently more widely used.

Thin-Film Interference Filters For LIDAR

LIDAR is used for obstacle avoidance in autonomous vehicles, urban planning, security, infrastructure development, and other applications. This app note details how high-performance, ultra-narrowband interference filters improve LIDAR signal-to-noise ratios in specific applications.

Solid Colored Glass Has Many Popular Uses

Generally used for architectural projects, entertainment lighting, and landscape lighting, the soda-lime or borofloat-based glass can be heat-strengthened for additional resistance to thermal shock. The glass can be machined, screen printed, sandblasted, and fabricated to virtually any shape or size.

Understanding White Balance For Allied Vision GigE Cameras

When an image is captured by a digital camera, the sensor response at each pixel depends on the illumination. This application note further discusses the use and calibration of white balance, specifically for Allied Vision GigE cameras.

Optics For Lasers Of The Future

Many research centers, like those for nuclear fusion and cancer, require high-energy lasers with megawatt and petawatt power capabilities. For centers like these to make breakthroughs, the optics used must be extremely robust with low absorption levels and state-of-the-art coating. 

Recent News
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EMCCD Camera: Falcon III

The new Falcon III from Raptor Photonics incorporates a new EMCCD back-illuminated sensor offering 1MP resolution with 10 µm square pixels. It images with a peak QE of >95 percent, offering unsurpassed sensitivity with less than 0.1 electrons readout noise. It offers the combination of ultimate sensitivity and speed through a single output amplifier thereby maximizing uniformity.

Featured Solutions
MWIR f/4.0 Zoom Lenses For Long-Range Applications
Ophir Optics Group offers a family of non-ITAR MWIR f/4.0 zoom lenses with focal lengths ranging from 15 to 300 mm or 45 to 900 mm. These high-performance zoom lenses are offered with a series of extenders for superior DRI ranges, making them ideal for long range observations and surveillance system applications. The 45 to 900 mm f/4.0 zoom lenses provide the highest focal length, with a detection range of up to 24.7 km.
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Ophir Optics Group
Transistor Outline (TO) Sensor Headers, Caps, And Packages

The Transistor Outline (TO) package is an industrial standard that regulates the design and size of current-conducting microelectronic packaging and housings consisting of a TO header and a TO cap. SCHOTT offers TO headers for enabling encapsulated components to be provided with power and a TO cap for enabling the smooth transition of optical signals.

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SCHOTT North America Inc.