News | June 17, 2020

Not All Lights Are the Same: High-Performance Disinfection - Made In USA – Sars2COV


When it comes to UVC products for surface disinfection, Blazar™ designed by Bolb Inc., is unmatched. The size of a handheld spotlight, this ready to protect solution emits 2.0 WOpt of virus inactivating light. Thanks to the combined powers of 25 high-power Germicidal LEDs, and a cone-shaped form factor, BLAZAR™ is superior to other products currently on the market. 

Blazar’s proven disinfection performance has been studied, tested, and validated by two commercial laboratories, and USA DOD facilities, achieving a reduction factor of Log4 (99.99%) for the human Coronavirus hCoV-229E, and the actual COVID-19 pathogen. While reduction values vary from pathogen to pathogen, this proven product disinfects enclosed spaces at a one-meter distance, with an irradiation time of 60 seconds, reducing transmission of infection causing contamination. 

Once connected to the power supply, the Blazar™ emitter is ready for use and easy to operate. “All important factors such as irradiation duration, illumination initiation, interval and repetition rate can be adjusted by settings on the back of the unit, stated Nicholas Connelly, Key Account Manager UV-C LEDs. This saves time, cost, energy and resources, as the virus reducing light is emitted to the front and its spread is regulated by the reflector”.  UVC radiation does not pose any danger for the operator standing behind the unit, making this safe and effective in high-performance disinfection. 

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