XS-1.7-320 NIR InGaAs Camera

Source: Xenics

XS-1.7-320 NIR InGaAs Camera Image

Xenics designed the ultra-compact, plug-and-play XS-1.7-320 NIR InGaAs Camera to simplify the way you work.  The XS-1.7-320 near infrared (NIR) InGaAs camera is available with standard InGaAs detector arrays working up to 1.7 µm and comes in a 60 and 100 Hz speed version. The user can choose the most suitable detector camera configuration for specific research applications.

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Benefit & Features

  • USB-2.0 interface
  • Stand alone operation
  • Performance optimization
  • Extending SWIR imaging to the visible
  • High image quality with compact camera


  • R&D (SWIR range)
  • Solar cell inspection
  • Laser beam profiling
  • Hyperspectral imaging
  • Thermal imaging of hot objects (in the 200°C to 800°C range)

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