What is the current state of virtual/altered reality technologies, and how much of what I hear is just hype? How do I take my startup from idea to acquisition? What advances are necessary before autonomous vehicles handle my daily commute?

The experts at SPIE Photonics West 2018 took their best shot at each of these questions — as well as many others — and Photonics Online was there to cover it. Enjoy this post-show report, and keep an eye out for additional Photonics West articles and analysis in upcoming newsletters. Tell us more about your experience at the show at editor@photonicsonline.com.

From The Editor
SPIE's AR/VR/MR All-Day Conference Delivers Immersive Experience
By Ed Biller, Editor, Photonics Online

After feasting on a full day of insight from some of the most prominent names in altered and virtual reality technologies, attendees were treated to a panel discussion that assembled pioneers in the space, asking them to muse on its past, present, and future.

Featured Article
Using High-Speed Infrared Imaging In Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing, or 3D printing, involves extremely high-thermal gradients that can sometimes induce stress and deformation in the materials. High-speed infrared imaging of this direct metal laser sintering (DMLS) process on stainless steel has been used to better understand and visualize these thermal transfers.

Videos From The Show Floor
Understanding Laser-Induced Threshold (LIDT) For Laser Optics

The process for finding the laser-induced damage threshold (LIDT) for laser optics has become increasingly more complex with different considerations for determining measuring and testing laser optics, including the laser’s wavelength, beam size, polarization, and angle of incidence.

Product Video: Non-Contact Laser Beam Profiling System For Additive Manufacturing
Christian Dini of Ophir Photonics took time at Photonics West to discuss Ophir Photonic’s non-contact BeamWatch beam profiling system, ideal for searching for focal position, focal shift, and focal size within additive manufacturing applications.
Product Video: Vision Research Debuts High-Speed, High-Sensitivity Camera

On the second day here at Photonics West, Chris Kerr of Vision Research took the time to introduce the brand new Phantom v2640 – the fasted 4-megapixel camera in the world!

How To Choose The Right Laser Beam Profiler
On day two of Photonics West, Christian Dini with Ophir Photonics talked to us about selection criteria for choosing the right laser beam profiler. Watch the video to learn more about what to consider when selecting a beam profiling system for your application.
Product Video: HD Line Of Science-Grade Cameras

On day one of Photonics West, Ross Overstreet with FLIR showed us three different science-grade HD cameras they were exhibiting at the show. First, we saw the X8500sc 1280x1024 high-speed MWIR camera, ideal for demanding military test range imaging applications like target scoring and target signature.

Product Video: Stabilized LED Light Sources For In Vitro Diagnostics
At Photonics West 2018, Ralf Daferner of SCHOTT Lighting and Imaging introduced their stabilized LED light source for in vitro diagnostic systems. This extremely flexible light source provides no interruptions or downtimes, and offers very stable output over its lifetime. Check out the video for more information.
Product Video: 5-Megapixel Global Shutter Sensor

Mike Simmons of Canon USA Future Products And Solutions presents the new 5-megapixel global shutter sensor for a variety of applications, including factory automation, unmanned aerial vehicles, and automobile advanced driver-assistance (ADAS). Watch the video for more in-depth information.

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High-Resolution Xenon-Topaz Lenses For 1.1” Sensors
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Schneider Optics
Sharp Cut And IR Filters: W Series
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