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PbSe Infrared Detectors: It's Easier To Make A Detector Noise Limited System Than You Think
By Larry Johnson and Susan Wells, Laser Components

It is possible to achieve optimal PbSe IR detector operation by choosing the optimal bias voltage, the ideal optical chopping frequency, or a combination of the two. The key to making an instrument detector noise limited instead of circuit noise limited is understanding the relationships between signal-to-noise ratio and bias voltage, and between optical frequency chopping and detector noise levels.

Spotlight On Automotive Systems
3D Machine Vision System

Canon’s Machine Vision RV-Series is made up of a group of systems that are specifically designed to work as the “eyes” of robotic arm systems. The RV1100, RV500, and RV300 utilize cutting-edge image recognition, data-processing, and optical technologies.

Thermal Imaging Detectors

Leonardo DRS offers VOx LWIR detectors for high-end rugged applications as well as for lower cost projects. Eight different models are available with varying resolution, pixel pitch, and packaging.

Automotive Lighting

SCHOTT Lighting and Imaging has more than two decades of expertise in OEM and Tier1 solutions for the automotive industry. Available solutions include functional and ambient lighting for automobile interiors, optoelectronic sub-systems for head and taillights, and fiber optic components for in-car infotainment.

Embedded Area View System

This video features the First Sensor Embedded Area View system for the mobility market. The system includes side view, rear view, and front view capabilities with 190° angles, 2 Mpx resolution, and CMOS and HDR technologies for a total area view of 360°.

Next-Generation IR Technologies Solve High-Speed Automotive Testing Challenges

Noncontact forms of measurement are not fast enough to stop the motion on high-speed targets and cannot take accurate temperature measurements. This application note discusses the need for cooled thermal cameras with short exposure times for these types of measurements

Compact And Versatile High-Speed Camera For Numerous Applications

The potential imaging applications involving car safety testing are numerous. With built-in image calibration, a quick-change lens adapter, and secure synchronization capabilities in multicamera environments, the pco.dimax cs high-speed cameras are well-equipped to handle them all.

High-Resolution Laser Spectrum Analyzer

This high-resolution laser spectrum analyzer identifies the spectral properties of both CW and pulsed lasers operating in the 375 nm to 12 µm wavelength range. Download the brochure to learn more about the models available in the series and their unique features and specifications.

Considering High-Dynamic-Range Global Shutter CMOS Sensors

CMOS Image sensors with a global shutter(GS), used to avoid image degradation caused by rolling shutter (RS) distortion, are ideal for applications including factory automation, UAVs, and automobile advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS). 

What To Expect In A Laser Profiling Demonstration

When asking someone for a laser beam profiling demonstration, it is important to understand what you are asking for and what you should expect. This white paper covers the steps needed to take to set up a demonstration and what is expected of each party.


The International Congress on Applications of Lasers & Electro-Optics (ICALEO®) will be held October 22–26, 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia. ICALEO brings together the leaders and experts in the field of laser material interaction, providing the world’s premier platform for sharing new ideas and discovering breakthrough solutions. Register by August 8th and save!

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Piezo Nanopositioning Stage For Microscopy: P-563 PIMars XYZ-Stage

Piezo nanopositioning stages offer high resolution and scanning speed, making them useful for super-resolution microscopy and optical trapping. The P-563 PIMars XYZ-Stages are designed with a parallel-kinematics arrangement with higher precision and responsiveness compared to nested or stacked multi-axis positioners.

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Abrisa Technologies Total Solutions Brochure

Abrisa Technologies offers a large variety of ready-to-install enhancement glass solutions for display, scanner, and sensor applications. These total solutions cover a range of product capabilities, are voice-of-customer driven, tested to standard, and meet regulatory compliance.

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