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Testing All-Fiber Widely Tunable Thulium Lasers
By G. Stevens and T. Legga, Gooch & Housego

The broad emission spectrum of thulium fibers, which can extend from 1600 to 2200 nm, makes a thulium fiber laser an excellent choice for building widely tunable fiber lasers. This paper details Gooch & Housego's results testing an all-fiber thulium laser system that can be tuned to any wavelength between 1710 to 2110 nm, without using any moving mechanical parts.

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Spotlight On Laser, Laser Systems, And Accessories
Compact sCMOS Camera

The new pco.panda is a sCMOS sensor camera system designed to provide high quantum efficiency with the lowest dark noise for applications including single molecule detection, bio- and chemi-luminescence, GSDIM, PALM, STORM, SPIM, and more. It also is housed in a compact, 65 mm3 package.

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High-Resolution Laser Spectrum Analyzer

Bristol Instruments’ model 771 is a high-resolution laser spectrum analyzer that measures the spectral characteristics of CW and high-repetition rate pulsed lasers that operate from 375 nm to 12 μm. Laser wavelength is measured to +/- 0.0001 nm and spectral resolution is as high as 2 GHz.

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Silicon Avalanche Photodiode (APD) Arrays

LASER COMPONENTS offers silicon avalanche photodiode (Si APD) arrays for applications in LIDAR and ACC within the 800 to 900 nm wavelength range. The SAH series of Si APD arrays are typically used in time-of-flight (TOF) sensors for distance measurements, such as in automotive sensing applications.

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First Sensor Company

First Sensor is one of the world’s leading providers of high-quality certified sensor solutions. With their headquarters in Berlin, Germany, the company has sales and production locations in the U.S., Canada, Singapore, the U.K., France, Sweden, Denmark, and the Netherlands.

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Near-Infrared Surface-Mount Photodiode

Opto Diode introduces the NXIR-RF100C as a red and near-infrared (NIR) surface-mount device (SMD) photodiode with spectral response ranging from 320 to 1100 nm. The device package is ideally designed for laser monitoring, and rain- and sun-sensor applications in the -40 °C to +125 °C temperature range.

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Laser Illumination For High-Speed Imaging

An incorrect or poorly lit subject affects the image, regardless of camera system quality. Therefore, the illumination source is just as important as the camera's resolution and sensitivity. See how a laser can be used for illumination in these four high-speed imaging application examples.

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Laser-Gated Imaging

Laser-gated imaging is a technique for night vision that detects and recognizes targets at long range without the need for any natural light sources. This article discusses its general principles, as well as the advantages of imaging in different spectral bands in visible and infrared light.

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Large-Format, Narrow Band Pass Filters (NBPF) – A Uniformity Challenge

Within so many diverse optical filtering applications, large-format (>100 mm diameter), narrow bandpass filters (NBPF) are required to be used alongside large collection optics in order to facilitate specific and selective analysis of a phenomena or the substance of interest.

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Laser Beam Diagnostics In GHz Applications

It usually is insufficient to rely on one standard measurement technology when working with applications in exotic optical wavelengths and unusually low average powers. This white paper goes through an example of calculating many laser beam diagnostics within high GHz applications.

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Focus On Laser World Of Photonics
Laser World Of Photonics 2017

June 26 to 29, 2017 | Munich, Germany

LASER World of PHOTONICS, the international trade fair for photonics components, systems, and applications. Together with the World of Photonics Congress, the fair unites research and industry and promotes the use and ongoing development in the photonics industry.

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Piezo-Z Microscopy Scanner: P-736 PInano-Z

The P-736 PInano-Z is a low-profile, low-cost, high-speed piezo-Z slide scanner with extremely fast step and settling times from 5 msec at target position. With an exceptionally low profile for easy integration and travel ranges of 100 or 200 µm, this scanner is ideally used for scanning microscopy, 3D imaging, laser technology, interferometry, metrology, biotechnology, and micromanipulation.

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