What Is Dynamic Range, And Why Bother?

Thomas Bauersachs explains what dynamic range is as it relates to a camera’s capabilities and specifications. Watch the video to better understand its importance and how it can affect your imaging application.

Understanding A Camera’s Resolution

The resolution of an image sensor describes the total number of pixels that can be used to detect an image. From the standpoint of the image sensor, it is sufficient to count the number and describe it usually as the product of the horizontal number of pixels times the vertical number of pixels, which gives the total number of pixels.

Understanding A Camera's Dynamic Range

Since many camera manufacturers define dynamic range from a different point of view, a distinction should be made between the “dynamic range of an sCMOS, CMOS, or CCD image sensor,” “dynamic range of an analog-to-digital conversion,” “usable dynamic range,” and “maximum dynamic range or SNR.” 

The Relationship Between Pixel Size And Sensitivity

This article looks to debunk the myth that “large pixel image sensors are always more sensitive than small pixel sensors.” It describes, in detail, the relationship between an image sensor’s pixel size and its sensitivity, and how each defines the quality of an image.

Scientific Cameras For Versatile Applications

Thomas Bauersachs demonstrates the back-illuminated sensor-based pco.panda — an sCMOS camera featuring up to 95 percent quantum efficiency.