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Shortwave Infrared Adaptive Optics And Applications
By Raf Vandersmissen, Xenics

This article introduces adaptive optics and the benefits of using (shortwave) infrared cameras in wavefront sensing for applications including astronomy, laser communication, biological imaging microcopy, and retinal imaging in combination with optical coherence tomography.

Noise In Spectrometers: Part 1
By Dieter Bingemann, Ocean Optics

This application note is the first part in a series discussing the noise within spectroscopy systems used for ordinary applications, such as making sure the pool is clean after a large family gathering.

Which Industrial Cutting Method Is Right For You?
By Laser Services

Some applications require one specific type of cutting method, and the other two methods are out of the question. This application note presents the process of each industrial cutting method and comparisons between laser cutting, water jets, and mechanical cutting.

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