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5 Reasons Collaborative Design Produces The Most Innovative Products

Designing robust products with fiber optics components not only demands optical considerations, but thermal, electrical, and mechanical requirements. To create a lighting device that meets design specifications while balancing cost and performance, developers should work with skilled component manufacturers from start to finish. This article presents five reasons to utilize collaborative design procedures for producing the most innovative products.

Spotlight On Medical Design
Sensors Help To Optimize Medical Care

Medical care of patients is becoming increasingly complex. Sensor technologies are playing a more and more important role in making medical devices more reliable and in simplifying their use for doctors, hospital and care staff, or even patients.

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High-Power Lasers In Medical Applications

The full list of medical procedures involving lasers is growing every day, and when discussing the development and production of medical devices, the importance of high-power industrial lasers cannot be overlooked.

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4 Big Mistakes In Developing Photonics-Enabled Medical Devices

Photonics components enable the design and development of next-generation medical devices and diagnostics. This paper identifies common mistakes medical device manufacturers make when attempting to incorporate optics and photonics into their designs — and how to avoid them.

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PI Mini Imaging Drives For Endoscopy

Minimal invasive surgery (MIS) techniques use endoscopes integrated with a miniature drive to achieve variable focusing so that objects can be in sharp focus at all times. This app note describes the focus and zoom control functions within these miniature drives.  

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MD&M West | February 7 to 9, 2017 | Anaheim, CA

Medtech moves fast. For 32 years, MD&M West has helped take medical devices from concept to market by uniting cutting-edge technology with the industry's foremost minds. Source from the world's largest collection of suppliers on one show floor. Connect with over 20,000 engineers and executives who are ready to forge business partnerships. Learn from industry luminaries presenting their insights. It's three days of industry immersion that medtech professionals simply can't afford to miss.

Urban Heat Island Characterization With Airborne Thermal Infrared Hyperspectral Imaging

This application note discusses how to efficiently characterize urban heat islands using airborne TIR hyperspectral imaging, and to better understand their relationship with manmade materials.

Understanding Silicon Avalanche Photodiodes

LASER COMPONENTS provides background information on the multiplication process in silicon used in the materials for fabrication of PIN and avalanche photodiodes (APDs) for visible and near IR applications. This application note presents approaches to designing APDs, as well as other helpful information on their use.

Advanced-Absorber Microbolometer Superstructure: Patented Sensor Technology Revealed

The most significant development in the production of infrared sensors and their ability to affect improvements to SWaP-C requirements comes from the introduction of uncooled focal plane array (FPA) designs. 

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Gooch & Housego Aspherical And Spherical Optics For Commercial And Military Imaging Applications

Gooch & Housego manufactures precision optical components in numerous aspherical and spherical shapes and in a wide variety of materials for commercial and military imaging applications. Each optic is completely manufactured and coated in-house via traditional methods and modern, high-technology methods such as MRF and diamond turning techniques.

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Infra-Red MTF System – Beam-Steering Type

The Infra-Red MTF System measures the modulation transfer function (MTF) of thermal imaging lenses and telescopes in both the 3 to 5 um and 8 to 12 um wavelength bands. In addition other optical parameters such as effective focal length (EFL), distortion, and field curvature may also be measured. A 1 to 3 um (SWIR) detector is an available option. The bench can be programmed to perform high-speed production testing if required.

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