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Forensic Investigations Using Thermography And Steam
By FLIR Systems, Inc

Investigators constantly are searching for solutions to find concrete blood evidence in less-than-ideal circumstances. This is especially important when working with fabrics carrying diluted blood stains, which could easily be affected by the common practice of adding liquid luminol. Chemistry researchers at the University of South Carolina are investigating an alternative method for detecting and recording evidence of biological fluids. 

Biophotonics Product Focus
Laser Rotary Encoders For Highly Accurate Angle Sensing

Canon USA has developed laser rotary encoders that can provide 81,000 pulses with a 36 mm diameter by using the light-diffraction interference method in conjunction with a semiconductor laser acting as the light-emitting element.

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Canon USA, Inc. Optoelectronic Components
Fluorescence Filters

Iridian offers excitation, dichroic, and emission fluorescence spectroscopy filters for confocal microscopy, flow cytometry, and other biomedical applications. These three different filter types are often used in a set in order to maximize the desired signal while minimizing the undesired signal.

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Iridian Spectral Technologies
The Relationship Between Pixel Size And Sensitivity

PCO-TECH looks to debunk the myth that “large-pixel image sensors are always more sensitive than small-pixel sensors.” This article describes, in detail, the relationship between an image sensor’s pixel size and its sensitivity, and how each defines the quality of an image.

Interference Microscopy For Surface Structure Analysis

Interference microscopy encompasses a wide range of techniques when it comes to measuring the many aspects of surface structures. This article discusses the principles of interferometric dimensional metrology applied to surface features best viewed in a microscope.

Raman Spectroscopy Of Pigmented Human Tissue In The Shortwave Infrared

The researchers at Erasmus MC University Medical Center in the Netherlands have developed a method of Raman spectroscopy that will further accelerate the diagnosis of melanoma. This application note discusses how technology developed by Xenics assists this research.

How Ultra-Thin Glass Fibers Help Doctors Spot Ailments And Save Lives

Finding a balance between highly specialized instruments and patient well being raises challenges for the manufacturers developing preventative care tools. Endoscopes equipped with lighting and imaging bundles can help doctors and patients catch health problems early.

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Video: Nanopositioning Applications For Microscopy, Neuroscience, And Metrology

PI provides a large variety of fast Z-Stages and collar piezo objective positioners for 3D imaging (Z-stack acquisition), deconvolution, and fast focusing applications. These Piezo nanopositioning stages and positioners are essential tools for high-resolution metrology and microscopy applications due to their sub-atomic resolution and extremely fast response times.

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High-Precision Positioning: MMP Series

Mad City Labs’ MMP series of positioners have a 25mm range of motion and are available in one, two, or three-axis configurations. They feature optical encoders with 50 nm resolution, proprietary intelligent control for stability, nanopositioner compatibility, and high native precision and accuracy.

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