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Which Industrial Cutting Method Is Right For You?
By Laser Services

The process of cutting different types of stock has many factors for choosing the right method of industrial cutting such as the thickness of the stock to be cut, hardness of the stock, whether or not the stock is stacked or layered, cost and timing requirements, and the desired condition of the material after it’s been cut. This application note presents the process of each industrial cutting method and comparisons between laser cutting, water jets, and mechanical cutting.

Spotlight On Polarization
High-Transmission Patterned Polarizers

Polarization is used in various optical applications to reduce unwanted reflections to a minimum while contrast is enhanced. Undesired reflections can disturb detected images in complex applications when you have to identify different objects or to compare them to given parameters. 

Beam Splitters For High-Power Laser Applications

PG&O’s latest beam splitters features a 200:1 extinction ratio, thus maximizing the split between S&P polarization. This can be a critical factor in many different high-power level tasks, particularly for optics applications up to 10 J/cm2 pulsed and continuous wave.

0 To 60 Degree Polarization Optimized Antireflection (AR) Coatings

Abrisa Technologies provides very wide angle antireflection (AR) coatings for p-plane and s-plane polarization. These coatings support high throughput efficiency for broad angle polarization sensitive applications and other low-loss, wide-angle applications.

Glass Polarizer For The Near Infrared

Hoya offers CUPO, a thin glass polarizer for the near-infrared wavelength region that is designed to use light absorption of copper particles by an electron plasma resonance. With special features such as high isolation, low loss, and high reliability, the CUPO is ideal for compact size optical isolators.

Custom Optical Coatings

OptoSigma’s custom optical coating offerings are available in wavelength ranges from 190 to 2500 nm and in sizes up to 10 x 10 inches. They can meet various angle of incidence and polarization requirements, and can apply these coatings to edge, notch, and bandpass filters, and plate and cube beam splitters.

Benefits Of Acousto-Optic Devices For Operation With 2 µm Fiber Lasers

Fiber lasers operating in the 2 µm region with a large mode area in an “eye safe” region of the spectrum are attractive to many applications. This article discusses consideration of the interaction medium, such as acousto-optic devices, especially for the polarization behavior of the device when used in a fiber system.

SWIR Cameras Can See Through Crude Oil

With clear, high-speed SWIR images of water drops colliding in oil, researchers are now able to compare experimental results in different qualities of heavy oil under a variety of temperatures with mathematical model calculations of equivalent effects.

Advances In CMOS Image Sensors And Associated Processing: Part 1

New Canon technology has exploited a large 35 mm full-frame CMOS image sensor with spatial sampling of 1920 (H) x 1080 (V) to acquire a distinctively large photosite of 19 um x 19 um, which enabled development of an HD camera with unprecedented sensitivity. 

Large-Format Narrow Bandpass Filters (NBPF) – A Uniformity Challenge

This white paper addresses challenges in the successful manufacture of large narrow bandpass filters (NBPFs) and demonstrates a successful NBPF design solution from Iridian Spectral with a uniformity variation of <0.02 percent.

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First Sensor Embedded Area View System

This video features the First Sensor Embedded Area View system for the mobility market. The system includes side view, rear view, and front view capabilities with 190° angles, 2 mpx resolution, and CMOS and HDR technologies for a total area view of 360°.

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